Welcome to the PrnJ 493E Course Blog!

This blog will serve as the living syllabus for our class, PrnJ 493E: Blogging and Interactive Journalism. We will be using the blog for the following:

  • Posting readings and assignments
  • Class participation (via comments)
  • Your assignments and responses
  • Probably some things I haven’t thought of yet

As the class’ nerve center, this blog will evolve along with all of you. As you begin creating individual and group blogs of your own, this blog will link to them, becoming a home base of operations for the class communications web. The more you grow, the more the blog will grow with you.

So let’s get started!


2 Responses to Welcome to the PrnJ 493E Course Blog!

  1. Diana Martinelli says:


    I enjoyed receiving a preview of this class and am happy some of my PR students will be part of it. Regarding possible speakers, you might want to consider inviting a recent PR alumna, Aubrey Mondi, who’s been studying social media and is enrolled in the IMC’s digital marketing certificate. She’s got a blog; the link is http://aubreymondi.blogspot.com/

    If you’d like her to speak, just let me know. She’s in Pittsburgh now, and I’m sure she’d love a reason to come back to campus.

    Thanks for developing this class. Enjoy!

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