Welcome to Blogging and Interactive Journalism!

Welcome to the course blog for the spring 2010 session of Blogging and Interactive Journalism (Print Journalism 493A)! This course is devoted to exploring the potential of blogging and social media as tools for journalism, and the 22 students enrolled will engage in a variety of projects to this end. Although blogging practices will be a significant part of this class, students will also experiment with applications like Facebook and Twitter to develop an interlinked arsenal of skills.

Projects for the class include maintaining a personal blog and (later in the semester) a group blog focused on some topic of local relevance here in Morgantown, WV. Students will also be proposing innovation projects to be entered in the Knight News Challenge (thanks to Seth Lewis at the University of Texas – Austin, who uses this project in his own course). Participation, via one’s own blog and through comments elsewhere, are also vital to the class – students will learn that an individual blog post is not merely an end, allowing others to bask in your wisdom, but the beginning of a conversation that enhances knowledge for all.

Finally, many weeks will also involve what I’m calling Social Media Challenges, which are a variety of icebreakers and experiments designed to get students out of their comfort zones with the social media applications they use every day for enjoyment. Their results and thoughts on these will all be posted here.

At this point in the semester, every student in the class has created his or her own personal blog (these will be posted in the left column soon!). These are free range in their subject, but the students have been asked to try to develop some focus of their own. In addition, students will be posting their assignments to their personal blogs, and periodically I will link to those assignments on this page. Think of it as the mothership for our blogging armada.

Below are some introductions to let you get to know the members of the class. Each link will take you to that student’s first post. Take a look at what they have to say, and be sure to check back throughout the semester.

  • Ashley Alford prepares for the transition from college to real life.
  • Kaitlynn Anderson considers TV her frenemy, and will tell you why.
  • Matt Armstrong prepares for blogosphere immersion.
  • Gabrielle Ash and her cat are learning about apartments.
  • Hilary Baum is blogging about the joys of affianced life.
  • Steve Butera
  • Greg Carey offers his personal introduction.
  • Travis Crum will leave it to you to find out what he’s blogging about.
  • Garrett Cullen starts things off with some thoughts on the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Rachel Davis wants you to know a little more about her personal interests.
  • Julia Day didn’t tell me what her first post was about!
  • Chip Fontanazza has interests.
  • Chelsea Fuller hopes blogging will help her to regain control of her voice.
  • Casey Hofmann can tell you all about what blogging means to global connectivity.
  • Gavin Matela is just another WVU undergrad tryin’ to make it online.
  • Evan Moore is available for your consideration.
  • Brittany Nelson combines pop culture with college life.
  • Austin Sanders is ready to tell the world about “wings, sports and things.”
  • Cambria Stubelt just wants to make sense of her chaotic life.
  • Heather Tawney knows all about relationships (her own and those of others).
  • Paden Wyatt is going to start turning things in a little earlier.
  • Ray Zawodni plans to focus on sports and pop culture.

5 Responses to Welcome to Blogging and Interactive Journalism!

  1. padenwyatt says:

    I figured I’d start out strong.

  2. changingnewsroom says:

    Well hello to Professor Britten’s students 🙂 I’m a professor at the University of Memphis, and my reporting students will be blogging this semester as well, so hopefully we can all be sharing some ideas and maybe commenting on each others’ blogs.

    Last semester we did a class blog on internships: http://insideinternships.wordpress.com/

    Good luck!

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Thanks Carrie! This class is all about developing and using connections via social media, so the more the merrier. Maybe we should think about a joint class project later in the semester …

  3. Jessica says:

    Hello there. I look forward to reading how the blogs develop over the semester. I really like the “TV is my frenemy” idea, perhaps because I also feel a love/hate relationship with TV.

  4. padenwyatt says:

    Hey guys, I went ahead and built an RSS feed xml file so that you can instantly follow everyone in the class through your reader.

    If you’re interested it’s here, you should be able to import it straight into the reader.


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