Social Media Challenge #1a: Why blogging is good for journalism I

Today I will begin linking to the components of your first set of posts. Links to your responses to this assignment will be posted here in the morning and afternoon over the next several days.

This project had three distinct areas for you to discuss, which were posted in installments to your personal blogs:

  • Part 1: Why blogging is good for journalism
  • Part 2: Why blogging is bad for journalism
  • Part 3: What this means for the future

These posts were to be based on your own perspective, but not on this alone. I required examples of the good and the bad, as well as for your own predictions. These examples should begin a conversation or continue an existing one, as well as make a compelling argument. We’ll do more with this conversation in class this week (hint: start reading your classmates’ work now).

A reminder of the tips and rules to abide by:

  • Once again, keep it in short chunks (but longer than a sentence)
  • Examples are vital. No “References” page is required, but each post must refer to at least 2 examples via links (e.g., “The Drudge Report shows how …”)
  • Use links! Not only for your examples – use them to explain the terms you use and to show us where your facts come from. (photos are not required for this)
  • Once again, SEND ME THE LINK and a short (one-sentence) overview to post.
  • SPELLCHECK. Don’t give the trolls a reason to attack you, people.

This morning: Eleven perspectives on why blogging is good for journalism.

More to come this afternoon!


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