Social Media Challenge #1b –Why blogging is bad for journalism

Part II of this project focuses on reasons why blogging might be a bad thing for journalism. Read students’ discussion of why blogging can be a good thing for journalism here and here.

  • Casey Hofmann doesn’t believe bloggers will ever replace professional journalists.
  • Rachel Davis suggests blogging and other aspects related to citizen journalism are removing objectivity from the news, and are forcing professional journalists to compete with writers who are willing to work for free and are often unfamiliar with the ethics behind journalistic writing.
  • According to Garrett Cullen, too many rumors get started on blogs about stories where there isn’t much proof.
  • Evan Moore explains why blogging and interactive journalism have an edge on the traditional media.
  • Brittany Nelson writes that blogging gives those a voice that aren’t necessarily experts, which could also lead to sloppy journalism.
  • Kaitlynn Anderson hopes you enjoy the link in this blog.
  • Matthew Armstrong says blogs can often disregard facts in favor of the blogger’s personal beliefs.
  • Chelsea Fuller will leave it up to you to find out what she’s writing about.
  • Chip Fontanazza just thinks blogging “puts more useless crap on the internet”.
  • Ashley Alford
  • Hillary Baum
  • Greg Carey
  • Ray Zawodni says blogging makes it easy for bloggers to act irresponsibly.
  • Gavin Matela
  • Austin Sanders considers being addicted to blogging, how posting on your blog can become too time consuming, and how blogging can hurt the way people write.
  • Gabrielle Ash proposes that blogging is bad for the journalist, not for journalism.
  • Paden Wyatt
  • Heather Tawney
  • Julia Day – Awaiting link
  • Travis Crum – Awaiting link
  • Cambria Stubelt – Awaiting link

One Response to Social Media Challenge #1b –Why blogging is bad for journalism

  1. austindrizzy says:

    I posted a video showing what Microsoft Surface is and I would like for people to tell me:A) what they think about the product and B)if they think Milan will be a success or a failure? Alright thanks.

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