Social Media Challenge #1c – What blogging means for the future of journalism

Concluding our first series of posts, here are the group’s thoughts on what the good and bad of blogging mean for where journalism is headed. You can review the good (both posts) and bad through these links.

An additional note: I’ve noticed that this approach to posting responses is perpetually out-of-date, so I’m revising it. From the next posting assignment on, you’ll be posting your links and descriptions to the comment section of each Social Media Challenge. Since you’ve already gotten (and completed) SMC #2, I’ll post those responses in the old way, but from here on in, post your links in the comments for the relevant assignment.

And now … The FUTURE!

  • Casey Hofmann urges you to check your facts, or the bloggers will do it for you.
  • Gabrielle Ash believes the future will involve more blogging and less journalists.
  • Austin Sanders considers how blogging and the future of journalism have changed from 1995 to the present and how even facebook and twitter can be used through your tv.
  • Brittany Nelson is thinking about using blogging to make money, create Internet celebrities, and engaging the mobile movement.
  • Garrett Cullen talks about the future world of journalism possibly moving more towards video blogging as the next step on the Internet.
  • Gavin Matela‘s thoughts are a mystery …
  • … and so are Hillary Baum‘s.
  • Rachel Davis discusses how the futures of blogging and journalism are secure because of the trend of Journalists becoming bloggers and the need for blogging as a check on journalism, and journalism as a source of information for blogs.
  • Julia Day is being coy with the content of her post …
  • as are Ashley Alford
  • … and Matt Armstrong.
  • Greg Carey offers a description of how blogs will impact journalism in the days to come.
  • Chelsea Fuller
  • Chip Fontanazza considers how blogs are evolving through video and other social media devices.
  • Ray Zawodni thinks if journalism and blogging can work together and create a common ground, the future of journalism looks bright.
  • Heather Tawney
  • Paden Wyatt
  • And Evan Moore just thinks journalists should be more like Stephen Colbert.
  • Cambria Stubelt – Awaiting Post
  • Kaitlynn Anderson – Awaiting Post
  • Travis Crum – Awaiting Post

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