Social Media Challenge 2 – Find a Focus

In your first post, you introduced yourself and suggested a focus for your blog. This assignment required you to solidify that focus and identify sources of information that will contribute to your writings.

(A reminder: This assignment is already complete. From now on, you’ll be posting your Social Media Challenge links directly to the comment section of the relevant assignment’s post.)

Part 1: Find a focus – Due: Noon, Thursday, Jan. 21

Post a blog mission statement. This can be the idea you touched on in week 1 or something new, but it must be clear and focused. You want your focus to be specific yet rich enough for regular updates. Avoid being too broad (e.g., “pop culture”) – if you say you will write about something general like “sports,” you’ll need to spell out what a reader might get out of reading your site compared to the countless other sports sites out there. In 3-4 paragraphs, tell your readers what they can expect from your blog and how that subject will be informed by your perspective.

Part 2: Identify sources to help you – Due: Noon, Monday Jan. 25

Blogging isn’t something you have to do on your own. With your focused topic in mind, it’s time to identify some sources to help you on that path. You will identify 10 blogs to follow. Each of these blogs should inform your topic in some way – for example, a social media blog might draw on You’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Post links to each of your 10 blogs in your blogroll
  • Add their feeds in Google Reader
  • Write a blog post explaining (in 1-2 sentences each) how each of these blogs will inform your own blog – don’t forget to include links to each blog in your post!
  • ALSO add,, and the course blog to your Google Reader (not required for your blogroll)

The links below are to each of your mission statements. To read the annotated blogrolls, you’ll need to click to the main page of that blog.

  • Brittany Nelson writes about “The happenings of my life, with a little dabbling into entertainment, splashed with some spontaneity.”
  • Gabrielle Ash‘s mission is to amuse, entertain and provide useful tips for all things cat.
  • Casey Hofmann went ahead and created a whole new page for her mission statement.
  • Austin Sanders is going to focus on soccer, and I will also talk about other sports and new technology.
  • Julia Day hopes the world can gain the courage to Sing it From The Rooftops!
  • Kaitlynn Anderson
  • Gavin Matela
  • Heather Tawney
  • Ashley Alford explores the transformation of college life to life in the “real world.”
  • Chip Fontanazza provides his take on sports in the surrounding (Morgantown) area.
  • Rachel Davis will be looking at media, media effects, how different media are interconnected, and how the media relates to society and individuals.
  • Matt Armstrong will be making obscure arts & entertainment items important.
  • Ray Zawodni has specified the mission of my blog to focus on athlete performances and acting performances. For example: Who should win best actor? who are the top ten quarterbacks of the decade? Who are the main factors in why the underdog Jets have made it so far in the playoffs? or why is Johnny Depp the most overrated actor in Hollywood? etc…
  • Greg Carey
  • Garrett Cullen will focus on mostly Mountaineer sports and also a more in-depth look at Major League Baseball as the 2010 season approaches.
  • Chelsea Fuller
  • Travis Crum
  • Cambia Stubelt – Awaiting Link
  • Evan Moore – Awaiting Link
  • Hillary Baum – Awaiting Link
  • Paden Wyatt – Awaiting Link

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