Social Media Challenge #3: Doing the Read-Write Web

Last week you built and annotated a blogroll to follow in your own blogging pursuits. As Dan Gillmor tells us, though, the Read-Write Web isn’t simply about taking what you need – you also have to become part of the conversation. This week you’re going to make your voice heard.

Part 1: Start talking! – DUE: All comments made by Noon, Monday, Feb. 1

You must post at least 10 substantive comments to the blogs you read (I will only count one comment to an individual blog, and will deduct points if too many are made at once). The majority of these should be to blogs in your blogroll, but some outsiders are acceptable. Be sure to include your email and blog address when you post, or it won’t count! To verify your work:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Click “My Comments” (under “Dashboard” in the top left)
  • Print this page and turn it in at next Tuesday’s class.

Note: A substantive comment goes beyond saying “Great ideas” or other spammer-speak to build on and extend the conversation. Run with their ideas! This brings us to part 2 …

Part 2: Keep the conversation going – DUE: Noon, Monday, Feb. 1

Since the blogs in your blogroll are all aimed at your focus, you should be able to synthesize several of the ideas they present into something new that takes their ideas further. For this assignment, you will construct a blog post that brings together posts from at least three members of your blogroll and says something new about all of them.

Add a link to your post (not your main blog page) and a one-sentence description to the comments of this post by the due date.

Note: Although some summarization will be necessary, that’s NOT the point of this assignment. Instead, you must build an original discussion or argument upon these others’ ideas. Be sure to link as needed in order to give credit where it is due.

And in the meantime …

From now on, updating your blog is your responsibility. For the rest of the semester, each week (including this one) you must post at least two original posts (class assignments don’t count) to your personal blog. The majority of these posts should be in line with your focus – some deviation is natural as your ideas develop – and your posts must fall at least 24 hours apart (no posting all at once to get it out of the way).

In addition, you must add a calendar to your sidebar:

  • Go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets
  • Drag the “Calendar” widget to your sidebar (on the right) and click “Save”
  • Check to make sure it appears on your blog.
  • DUE: Monday, Feb. 1

11 Responses to Social Media Challenge #3: Doing the Read-Write Web

  1. Is anyone else having a problem with the “My Comments” feature? Everything I post outside WordPress doesn’t show up there.

  2. I have been providing both my blog URL and email with each comment, but still haven’t been getting anything under “My Comments”.

    Some good news: the comments that were “awaiting moderation” have finally showed up on those sites 🙂

  3. I’m having the same problem. I’ve included my blog url and email and it’s not showing up in “my comments.”

  4. ecmoore19 says:

    Same here. It looks like only the ones that are showing up are coming from other WordPress blogs.

  5. ecmoore19 says:

    This blog posts takes a look at why people still aren’t interested in wearing helmets.

  6. Real time web is redefining how we receive our news. (Incidentally, it could alert you of this blog post as soon as it’s published.)


    Thoughts on how the Grammy’s are using social media and how they’re using it to appeal to fans.

  8. Kander says:

    I’ve commented on several of the blogs in my blogg roll and none of them have asked for my site. Most of them have just asked for a name to go with the comment. Is there anything I should do about that?


    This post talks about the Cincinnati Reds 2010 starting lineup taking shape with the recent signing of shortstop Orlando Cabrera.


    This blog features questions about what it takes to land the dream job and where a recent grad should begin.

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