Our class is in the news

I thought I’d share this link to a story in the Charleston Daily Mail that profiled our class (the WBOY story hasn’t been broadcast yet, to my knowledge – I guess they’re saving us for a rainy day). I wish there had been some student voices in this, but it’s nice that the word is getting out.

(As a side note, have a look at Ryan Tegeder’s DA column on real-time location updating services like Foursquare – rest assured, we’ll be continuing this conversation.)

The outcome of the Daily Mail story brought up a question in my mind. On the day of publication, several people who read the story retweeted it on Twitter and begin to follow my account. This is where I’ve been publishing our class updates, so it makes sense, but it occurs to me that perhaps an account specifically dedicated to the class might make more sense. This way, those interested in the class and YOUR work (rather than my other ramblings) could get a less cluttered feed of what’s going on.

What do you all think? If you think we should create a class-specific Twitter account, how should it be maintained? Should someone be in charge, or should every member of the class have access? I hope to hear some suggestions in the comment section.


2 Responses to Our class is in the news

  1. Maybe it would be a good idea to wait until we start up our group blogs. That way, instead of having 20+ people all running the same twitter account, each group could have a twitter, or we could all share one account but switch off responsibilities week-to-week.

  2. blackedoutblog says:

    If we had a class twitter, it would be easier if everyone in the class had their own accounts.

    Updates can be marked with an “@tag” to the main class twitter. The class account will serve as a gate keeper to all our tweets.

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