Social Media Challenge #4: Blog-a-Day Week

Note: This SMC goes live early in order to align with the beginning of February. You’ve already got an post due for that day, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

After blogging for three weeks, you should have a feel for what works, what doesn’t, and how to plan your attack. So far you’ve been doing sprints, but this week will be a 5K. Beginning with Monday, Feb. 1, you will post something EVERY day to your personal blog. This will not be easy, but you can do it, and at the end you’ll have a newfound respect for those who do this every week.

Some rules:

  • The first rule of Blog-a-Day Week is: We do NOT talk about Blog-a-Day Week! This means no posting about hard it is to post every day, or other such metacommentary.
  • You may, however, post a schedule of what you have planned, but this means you’ll need to actually plan what you’re going to do.
  • Likewise, no posting about how you don’t know what to post. Use the skills from previous challenges, ideas from your blogroll, comments from other students … ANYTHING that leads to a substantive post!

Your final post (Monday, Feb. 8 ) should be an overview of the blog-a-day week experience. What did you learn? What was difficult? What got easier over time? Post this link to the comments section of this assignment by noon, Monday, Feb. 8.

DUE: Every day from Monday, Feb. 1 – Monday, Feb. 8 (yes, that’s eight posts)

EXTRA CREDIT: Now that you’ve finished your 5K, try for a marathon! For every week in February that you post every day, you’ll earn a point of extra credit. Post for the entire month – that’s February 1 to February 28 – and you’ll earn 5 extra points total.

All the above rules apply – no metacommentary, no garbage posts – with two exceptions:

  • In Week 3 (Feb. 14-20), you may make one post about the blog month experience so far.
  • On February 28, you may post an overview of your blog month experience.

You might want to check out the National Blog Posting Month website ( for advice and support – you can even sign up to win prizes.

Mainly, though, you should have fun as you learn firsthand just what goes into regular blogging.


8 Responses to Social Media Challenge #4: Blog-a-Day Week

  1. ecmoore19 says:

    My week was a little paradoxical. As coming up with ideas got harder, writing got easier.


    The assignment, for me, was fairly easy, but working on it changed the way I viewed the Internet as a whole

  3. austindrizzy says:

    I enjoyed blog a day week. I found it made me want to blog or post more than just once a day!

  4. nochickflickmoments says:

    I think we all always forget to post links! I certainly do. But I thought blog-a-day week wasn’t bad at all! I’m going to shoot for the whole month.

  5. Finding something to blog about each day wasn’t has difficult as I first thought it would be.

  6. This assignment taught me a lot about what professional bloggers do to consistently come up with topics to give their opinions on.

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