Social Media Challenge #6 – Best of the Blogosphere

It’s almost time to begin our group blog project. As a final stage of your preparation for blogging excellence, you’ll be taking a look at blogs that ARE excellent. Your assignments are drawn from a list compiled from four sites (technorati, Time, eBizMBA, The Guardian) and ranked based on 1) number of times a blog is listed, and 2) rankings of that blog. The result is not exactly scientific, but it gives us a list with some variety.

You were all assigned, in pairs, to one of these blogs in Tuesday’s class (the numbers are their rankings on my unscientific list). These blogs are allegedly some of the best of the best, so go to it, read it, and get to know all about it:

3. Engadget: Gabrielle and Chip

6. TechCrunch: Travis and Evan

7. The Daily Dish: Garrett and Greg

10. Perez Hilton: Julia and Rachel

13. Treehugger: Paden

15. Crooks and Liars: Brittany and Gavin

16. Daily Kos: Cambria and Hillary

17. Metafilter: Ashley and Heather

18. Ray and Austin

In next week’s class, each pair will do a 10-15 minute presentation on your blog. First, you’ll need to explain the blog, its content, and its tone (providing examples on-screen). Beyond this, you may address issues including but not limited to the following: Who is its audience? How is the site designed (use of links, categories, tags, etc.)? Is commenting allowed, and if so, how is it moderated (if at all)? Has it been in the news? Does it advertise? How? Is information provided on traffic and business information?

This should not be stressful (no, really). Approach the blog as a reader first and a student second. Think about what we’ve read thus far in providing your critique. What are your blog’s strengths and weaknesses? What can you and your classmates learn from it for your own projects?

Due: In class on Monday, March 1. In addition to your presentations, please post a short review of your findings to the course wiki by the start of class (and post that link to this assignment).

That’s right, there are no assigned readings for next week. All the more reason to read your blog!


3 Responses to Social Media Challenge #6 – Best of the Blogosphere

  1. Heather and I had MetaFilter, which is a community webblog, where members can post things they find on the web, these are things that they find to be amazing or interesting and want to share it with others.

  2. ourgoldenlife says:

    Hillary and I had Daily Kos. This blog serves as an online community of people concerned with political issues, with a definite slant to the left (although they “attempt” to cover fairly).

  3. kenziekat says:

    Chip & I had Endaget, which is a blog where readers can find all things electronic, particularly IT software and hardware. The team consists of IT pros that help readers with advice on electronics. The site also introduces new technology and upcoming “GADGETS”, hence the title of the blog.

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