Group Blog Project begins

The group blog project begins this Monday, March 8, and continues through the end of the semester. You’ve all been assigned to groups (listed below) based first on a distribution of disciplines and skills (PrnJ, TVJ, VisJ, Ad, and PR), second on the interests you demonstrated in your personal blogs. It’s now up to you to conceive of a blog subject and start your online publication. I’ve added some links (at the bottom of this post) to a similar class at the University of Texas to show you what other students in your position have done.

The full details are in the handout from class (it’s also posted on eCampus), but here’s an overview:


  • Posting frequency: Each member needs at least 2 posts per week, and the group will establish and follow a posting schedule.
  • Comments: You’ll make at least 5 meaningful comments a week to your blog and those of others.
  • Added value: Posts should go beyond plain text. Use the skills we’ve learned so far (and will continue to learn) and incorporate links, images, video, widgets, maps, wikis, other social media, and more.
  • Weekly memos: Every Sunday you’ll email me a memo of the week’s posts and comments as well as a short overview of your week’s experience and plans for the week to come. You’ll also post this to your personal blog each Sunday.

Due next week (these are group assignments, not individual ones):

  • Create your group blog in WordPress and email me the link (due Monday, March 8).
  • Your first post (due Sunday, March 7) is a focused mission statement for your group’s blog. Ideally, you’ll put this on the blog’s “About” page (not the main page) so readers can find it.
  • Bring to class (Tuesday, March 9) a tentative list of topics and dates for your first two weeks of postings. This may change, but it must be thorough and complete.

And now, the groups!

Group 1

  • Hillary Baum
  • Greg Carey
  • Chip Fontanazza
  • Ray Zawodni
  • Heather Tawney
  • Gavin Matela

Group 2

  • Cambria Stubelt
  • Julia Day
  • Austin Sanders
  • Paden Wyatt
  • Travis Crum
  • Rachel Davis

Group 3

  • Evan Moore
  • Brittany Nelson
  • Gabrielle Ash
  • Ashley Alford
  • Garrett Cullen

Finally, some examples from Seth Lewis’ Writing for Online Publication class at the University of Texas – Austin. This class has served as a model for ours, and these group blogs from Spring 2009 (there’s another session active this semester) were the result of their own group blog assignment. Have a look to see how they handled things.


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  1. […] from this, don’t forget that the Group Blog posting schedule began THIS week. That means that you (individually) are required to have two posts […]

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