Social Media Challenge #7 – Twittering

This week we got started on Twitter. For this assignment, you’ll get a further taste of its capabilities. The requirements are simple – you may even have completed them already:

  • Create a Twitter account (you may use your existing account if you have one)
  • Add the Twitter widget (in your Dashboard under “Widgets”) to your personal blog by Friday, March 12 (if you’d rather keep your existing account private, create a separate account for this).
  • Find at least 25 people/organizations/whatever to follow (these should include @rww and @mashable – you may also follow your classmates, but not ONLY them)
  • Post at least 10 tweets by Monday, March 15 (these can be anything, but at least a few should have links and/or be retweets)
  • Post to your personal blog an entry on the tweeting experience. What did you like? Dislike? What did you learn, and what are you going to do with Twitter next? This post is due Tuesday, March 16.

In addition, your group must create a Twitter account and add the Twitter widget to the group blog by Tuesday, March 16.

A Word document of this assignment is available on eCampus – it also contains some how-to information that may be valuable if you missed Tuesday’s class. If you did, be sure to send me your Twitter handle!

Aside from this, don’t forget that the Group Blog posting schedule began THIS week. That means that you (individually) are required to have two posts to your group blog this week and each week thereafter.


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