“In-class” assignment: Tweeting an event

(First: A blog job! Have a look – are your clips/skills what they need?)

Today’s “in-class” assignment will send you into the dark wilds of network television entertainment (try not to get eaten by a Grue). In preparation for next week’s Politico tweeting, we’ll be tweeting a class-selected 8 p.m. Tuesday TV show. Your choices are:

  • Biggest Loser (NBC):
  • Lost (ABC; rerun):
  • NCIS (CBS):
  • American Idol (FOX):

What do you tweet about? Everything! Give us your reactions, ask questions, engage in discussion – just keep the conversation going. If you’re a regular viewer, help newcomers fill in the gaps. If you’ve never seen it, give the old hands a fresh perspective. Got friends who want to weigh in? Have them join in with the #wvublogj hashtag.

The one requirement: PARTICIPATE. I’m not giving you a set number of tweets to make – if you’re participating vigorously and thoughtfully (yes, even about network television), you’re doing it right. Use this exercise to stretch your Twitter muscles and have some fun.

Once again, you’ll need to use our class hashtag, #wvublogj, for your work to be counted. We’ll go over more details in class this evening.

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