Innovation Speed Dating Ratings

In our in-class assignment last time, we engaged in a few rounds of speed-dating-style innovation presentations. Everyone met with 7-8 others and had 2 minutes to present their fledgling innovation ideas for this week’s innovation project presentations, and your partners rated your ideas. I’ve compiled these numbers for your edification and preparation (and for those of you who want them, your evaluation sheets will be available Tuesday in the SOJ’s main office). Have a look and see where you stand.

Don’t feel bad if you’re not at the top of the list. Considering the average rating was 8.24 on a scale of 1 to 10, you’ve all got some pretty interesting ideas (or were engaging in some serious grade inflation). If you want to improve, consider how well your proposal meets the Knight News Challenge‘s three criteria:

  1. Use digital, open-source technology.
  2. Distribute news in the public interest.
  3. Test your project in a local community.

Does your idea meet these standards? We’ll be rating presentations in class today on a more specific scale. You’ll score each presenter on all three Knight News Challenge criteria. Feel like you’re weak in one? You’ve still got time to beef it up.

And now, the ratings!

  1. Ray – 8.88
  2. Evan – 8.75
  3. Austin – 8.71
  4. Paden – 8.63
  5. Brittany – 8.43
  6. Garrett – 8.36
  7. Ashley – 8.29
    Travis – 8.29
    Rachel – 8.29
  8. Gabrielle – 8.13
    Gavin – 8.13
  9. Chip – 7.86
    Heather – 7.86
  10. Greg – 7.63
  11. Julia – 7.43

(Not present: Hillary, Cambria)


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