Welcome to Blogging!

January 10, 2011

Welcome to the course blog for the spring 2011 session of Blogging and Interactive Journalism (Print Journalism 493A)! This course is devoted to exploring the potential of blogging and social media as tools for journalism, and you, the 22 students enrolled, will engage in a variety of projects to this end. Although blogging practices will be a significant part of this class, students will also experiment with applications like Facebook and Twitter to develop an interlinked arsenal of skills.

Projects for the class include maintaining a personal blog and (later in the semester) a group blog focused on some topic of local relevance here in Morgantown, WV. Students will also be proposing innovation projects to be entered in the Knight News Challenge. Participation, via one’s own blog and through comments elsewhere, are also vital to the class – students will learn that an individual blog post is not merely an end, allowing others to bask in your wisdom, but the beginning of a conversation that enhances knowledge for all.

Finally, many weeks will also involve what I’m calling Social Media Challenges, which are a variety of icebreakers and experiments designed to get students out of their comfort zones with the social media applications they use every day for enjoyment. Their results and thoughts on these will all be posted here.

This week, you’ll each be creating a personal blog, which you’ll update throughout the semester. I’ll be posting these later in the week. You can have a look at some past students’ work over in the right menu bar, under “4. Past students.”

Glad to have you here!