Student blog listings

January 18, 2011

Here they are: All the blog addresses I’ve received (and if you’re not on this list, I need yours TODAY). Below are the links and some of the information you’ve provided me about what to expect from your personal blogs. I’ll be posting a permalink of these on the right bar once I’ve gotten everyone’s address, but for now, have a look and start reading and commenting.

  • Thomas Anderson: My blog is loosely based on the road to the nhl playoffs but will also follow the hot topics of the the week in the nhl and sharing other sites and blogs that will help the casual fan follow the second half of the NHL season. I hope to create a blog that will allow fans and followers see the games and events as I see them.
  • Kirk Auvil: This blog will be focused on video games, looking at them from various perspectives.
  • Toni Cekada: My blog is the health-themed one.
  • Joshua Clark: I want to explore the nature of flash and it’s future without being overly broad. For example, controversial issues spoofed in web content through flash, or the use of flash for advertising. Simple and fun to use, for good or for ill, flash is just a wellspring of creativity. Also, a few tech aspects such as smart phone integration may be touched upon, and things done in this medium that have rarely been seen before, or that have specific purpose that mirrors my own goals. Should be fun, and relevant.
  • Lindsay Cobb: I want to make a blog about volunteering.  I hope to be able to volunteer at least once a week and share my experiences in my blog.  To start I wrote about the little girl I sponsor in the Philippines.
  • Devanne DiBacco: This post just basically talks about what I want to accomplish in my blog, etc.
  • Deepa Fadnis: It will basically talk about how I got interested in financial journalism, my efforts to get to know the industry, find internships and will also discuss issues and events in the economy.
  • Aaron Geiger: I absolutely love the English language, and I’m hoping to utilize and enlist professionals in the fields of editing, writing, linguistics, education, etc., to help me explore the language as I know it. I edit books for my day job, so I have access to authors and editors. I also have some good connections in the creative writing community, so why not try to enlist these folks to share their wisdom? I could plug their wares, as well. Symbiosis. Hopefully this will work.
  • Keri Gero: My idea is “the gym diaries”. I recently started going to the gym (like 4 days ago) and I have adamantly gone everyday since then. I am by no means an expert on exercise or nutrition, but most of the people at the gym aren’t experts either. I would get advise (videos, radio casts, articles, etc.) from experts and try it and see what works for me and what doesn’t. I would also get other blogs about fitness, etc. to get their advise.
  • Melanie Hoffman: It will be about the struggles of daily student newspaper in finding stories, funding, politics and how The Daily Athenaeum compares to other college newspapers across the nation.
  • Rodney Lamp: My blog is about the Dallas Cowboys, including team news, season recap, and anything else.
  • Chia-Ju Lin: No link provided
  • Sebouh Marjarian: My name’s Sebouh Majarian and I chose to spend my semester blogging about Rajon Rondo and the storylines surrounding the Boston Celtics.
  • Shay Maunz: I’m blogging about being a broke college student, and trying to make that work for you, not against you.
  • Corey Preece: The title of my blog is “The Big Beast Blog,” with the focus of the blog being on the Big East athletic conference, covering men’s and women’s sports.
  • Derek Rudolph: No link provided
  • Andrea Sauer: A blog about becoming a wine connoisseur on a college budget!
  • Shannon Teets: I’ve decided to create a travel blog about weekend travels and daycations in Richmond, Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Jon Vickers: It is about outdoor and adventure sports journalism.  I want to make it multimedia with video, graphics, pictures and text.
  • Eric Waddon: My first post is basically a description of what my blog is going to be about.  I gave a little information about myself and some details about what I plan to post in the upcoming weeks.
  • Alex Wiederspiel: No link provided
  • Kristen Wishon: An art blog, for people that enjoy art, photography, sculpture, whatever, but never took the time to learn about it. I was an art history minor in my undergrad. and love art related topics. I want to post a daily (or weekly) painting/art object/artist and give a brief history of it, update about art news, and perhaps give short and simple how-to’s on actually creating things yourself at home.