In-class assignment: Linking around

February 1, 2011

We’ve been reading and talking about links and connections, and today you’re going to make some of your own. But first, some things you might find useful.

QR codes> (such as

These are those black and white boxes of gobbledegook you’ve seen around. Scan one, and it’ll take your phone to a site.

– Why to do it: It lets mobile users quickly access your site or a specific post without typing.

How to do it:

  • At a QR code website, enter your site’s URL (including “http://”)
  • Get the permalink and/or <img src> code
    • To include it in a post, you’ll paste the <img src> code into the relevant spot in your HTML view
    • To include it in your blog, add the “Image” widget and paste the permalink under “Image URL” (change dimensions to 100 x 100)

Link Shorteners (such as

– These take lengthy links (like those of your blog posts) and shorten them into more manageable ones.

Why to do it: It’s especially useful when sharing on Twitter so you don’t eat up your 140 characters, but they’re great for anywhere you don’t want to gum up the works with a long URL

  • Note: If you use shortened links on Facebook, it won’t display a preview of the site. Also, some people don’t like that you can’t see where the link goes.

How to do it:

  • At a link shortener site, enter your site’s URL
  • Copy the resultant code, and paste it where you want it.

Advanced HTML linking

– By this time, you know how to select a swath of text and click the link button, but sometimes (e.g., in comments) that button won’t be there. Knowing the basic code for makes you a more savvy journalist and user.

Why to do it: In addition to the above, pasting the entire URL is a little tacky.

How to do it:

  • To add a link in comments, enter the following code:
    <a href=“”> Text </a>
  • You can also link to specific parts of your text. Follow these two steps:
    • Select a word at the start of the section you want to link, and code:
      <a name=“Whatever”>Some words</a>
    • Create a link the usual way, but with one addition:
      <a href= “> Text </a>

AND NOW, your In-class Assignment: Use HTML to add at least one tag to a section of an existing post of yours (best to use a longer post with subheds), and post a comment to this assignment post that includes an in-text link to that section. This is due by the end of class today, Tuesday, February 1.