In-class assignment – Twitter

For the first part of our Twitter Mega-Assignment, we need to get to know Twitter. This in-class assignment will get you started (if you’re not already). The requirements are simple:

  • Create a Twitter account (you may use your existing account if you have one) and post it as a comment to the Mega-Assignment page (due in class)
  • Add the Twitter widget (in your Dashboard under Appearance > Widgets) to your personal blog. If you’d rather keep your existing account private, create a separate account for this. (Due by noon, Wednesday, February 9)
  • Find at least 30 people/organizations/whatever to follow (these should include @rww and @mashable – you may also follow your classmates, but not ONLY them) (due by noon, Friday, February 11)
  • Post at least 10 tweets in addition to the Scavenger Hunt assignment (these can be anything, but try to incorporate links, hashtags, and retweets) – at least a few of these should include the #WVUblogJ tag (and be relevant to this class!) (due by noon, Monday, February 14)

That’s it!

2 Responses to In-class assignment – Twitter

  1. aarongeiger says:

    FYI, I installed the Twitter widget several times, and it ends up causing massive conflict with my theme. Instead I installed a Wibiya toolbar at the bottom of the blog so users can “like” and “tweet” each page. I also added a “contact me” button. To make up for the tweet log that would have been a part of the widget, I’ve been tweeting some blog information with a hashtag. Please don’t hate on me.

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