Mega-Assignment: Twitter Week!

Get ready to Twitter like you never have before! Starting in Tuesday’s class, we’ll be working through an integrated array of projects designed to get you thinking about the connective and journalistic potential of Twitter. I’ll post each assignment individually, as usual, but will also link to them via this post.

In-Class Assignment: Getting Started in Twitter (posted 1230p Tuesday) – 5 pts

For this simple in-class assignment, you’ll get your feet wet in Twitter. You’ll create an account, start tweeting, follow a bunch of people, and experiment with the nomenclature (@, #, RT) of Twitter. Easy stuff.

Social Media Challenge: Twitter Scavenger Hunt (posted 2p Tuesday) – 20 pts

Now that your feet are wet, let’s get them good and soaked. You’ll head out into the world in teams of two (at least one of whom has a phone with Twitter capability) to collect a list of “items,” which you’ll report via Twitter. This assignment requires you to talk with people – it is a class about journalism, after all – and you’ll need to label each post with the #WVUblogJ tag.

Read & (literally) Respond: Intercollegiate Crosstalk (posted Wednesday) – 15 pts

This assignment spans at least four other colleges and universities, with students just like you scavenging for the same list of items. It’s a great way to get to know others, their practices, and their universities … and that’s just what you’ll do. You’ll need to retweet and respond to a set number of students at other participating schools, and you’ll post a comment (to that assignment) summarizing what you’ve learned from the experience.

Total points: 40

Man that’s a lot of Twitter! Oh, and one more thing: Post the Twitter handle you’ll be using (e.g., @thebobthe) to THIS blog post so we can follow along. See you in class!

23 Responses to Mega-Assignment: Twitter Week!

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  2. deepafadnis says:


  3. Shay Maunz says:


  4. Jazz says:

    Follow me @freshyjazz

  5. @Andrea_Sauer
    This was a fun assignment. It’s fascinating how we are doing this with other schools and universities. Viewing their pictures and quotes shows us that we really aren’t too different from each other.

    Twitter proved to me now that it isn’t even just about getting news in a journalistic fashion, but also a way other than facebook to connect to people everywhere.

    The thing that I like about twitter is the ability to follow whomever you want. Sure that means you have to be more careful about what you tweet about, but I don’t think that certain celebrities on twitter would “friend” me on facebook, and this still allows me to follow them.

    Going around and tweeting about simple things in a journalistic way and kind of making it a contest (yay for being competitive) really made me understand and appreciate twitter more.

  6. ewadd986 says:


    This was actually a really cool assignment. I have been anti-twitter for a while but now I am already deep in. It’s such an easy way to get information from people you actually care about.

    Now I don’t have to sift through sites for information I can just check my live feed and get instantly informed and it’s so easy.

    I also like how easy it is to express yourself with the hashtags and it’s fun to see what the top trends are.

    It was real cool to have kids across the country looking at me and @bostonkid124 ‘s pictures and seeing their comments. I also really liked some of the results from their scavenger hunt, this was a great idea. I definitely am pro-twitter after this assignment.

  7. aaaaaargh says:

    Great to hear your thoughts on this as a anti-Twitter person. My goal is not to make you all into Twitter converts – some will find it useful, some won’t – but I want everyone to understand that there IS value here beyond divulging mundane personal details. Sounds like you got it.

    By the way, with your interest in sports, you should really be following WVU (and this class) alum Chip Fontanazza if you’re not already – he REALLY works the Twitter!

  8. kerigero says:

    -sorry I commented under the wrong post in class!

  9. 2thedorkside says:

    I teach him school and LOVE this idea! I want to use with my students. My #1 concern is that some kids will have parents that don’t want them on Twitter. Any advice if that’s the case? Thx 4 sharing this BTW. I’d love any advice for a newbie trying this out!

  10. 2thedorkside says:

    Also, how do you tell which team is which from posts? And would bigger teams work, you think?

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