Read & (literally) Respond: Intercollegiate Crosstalk

In keeping with this week’s Twitter Mega-assignment, we’ll be reading up on the work of your peers from around the country. All of the links provided are to classes who’ve either just completed a Twitter scavenger hunt of their own, or who are about to embark on that selfsame journey in the near future.

The other participating schools are:

There are three parts to this assignment (15 points in all):

  • Retweet at least five posts from students at these other schools. They can be scavenger hunt items or something else relevant to the course. It is preferable that you add some of your own (brief) perspective where possible, so you’re adding to the conversation.
  • Respond to at least five separate posts from students at these other schools. This is different than retweeting – you’ll need to make contact and open up an actual conversation.
  • Post an overview of the Twitter experience – with specifics regarding the scavenger hunt and inter-school interaction – to your blog. Post a link to that post here, and share that post via Twitter with the #WVUblogJ tag.

All these things must be completed by noon, Monday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day!).

17 Responses to Read & (literally) Respond: Intercollegiate Crosstalk

  1. rdlwvufan says:

    When you retweet something, can you add to it, or do you have to make a separate tweet to comment on the retweet? I hope what I’m asking makes sense.

  2. kerigero says:

    yea I can’t figure out how to add to a retweet either

  3. tonicekada says:

    I just Copy and pasted the tweet I was retweeting into a new tweet. Then Before the “RT” I wrote the idea I wanted to add. After the “RT” I was sure to include the person’s handle. I hope that’s right…

  4. ewadd986 says:

    my thoughts on this weeks assignment

  5. deepafadnis says:

    An exciting week with lots of action on Twitter, here’s an account of my experience:, #wvublogj

  6. […] #wvublogj. For a list of the hashtags being used by other schools around the country, check our course website. For the scavenger hunt: We chose the J-school as our favorite spot on campus, of course. Also, […]

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