In-and-Out-of-Class Assignment

February 15, 2011

We spent last week talking across location in our interactions with different campuses. This week, we’ll incorporate location into our blogs via Google maps.

In-Class Assignment

Head to my friend Grant’s blog, where you’ll find a simple tutorial on creating a map in Google and adding it to your website or blog. Have a look through (we’re only dealing with step #1, unless you feel like going further), and use it as your guide for this assignment. You’ll use this guide to do the following steps:

  1. Create an individual map with three locations (use the pin colors indicated):
    1. Your city of birth (blue)
    2. The city where you grew up or have lived (yellow)
    3. A city you’d like to work in (green)
  2. In the class collaborative map, “Birthplaces,” you’ll map these three spots once more. Be sure to label them with your name and what they show so they are counted.

Out-of-Class Assignment #1 – Personal

Using the same process, you’re going to design a more complex map to add to your blog. It should consist of at least 5 data points (with detail included in their pop-up windows) and will follow these steps:

  1. Write a post that incorporates location in some way (e.g., restaurants I like, places I’ve seen WVU b-ball players). It does not need to be hard news (yet), but it should be a full-fledged post. (you may use lines or shapes in place of some of your points, but it’s not required)
  2. Using the above guide, create a map in Google Maps with a marker for this location. You’ll use the same login you use for Google Reader.
  3. Attach the map to your blog post just like you would an image (directions are included with the how-to link).
  4. Publish!
  5. Post the link (with a description of what’s being mapped) to the comments of this post.

Out-of-Class Assignment #2 – Collaborative

Using your new collaborative skills, your Twitter scavenger hunt team will map two locations in the “WVU Scenic Spots” map (I’ll send you an invite): Your scenic location (blue) and your little-known fact (green). Be sure to provide information in the box about who your team is and what you’re showing.

Both due: Noon, Monday, February 21

General Tips

I don’t want you to overcomplicate this, but here are a few tips:

  • Add markers by clicking on the name of your map in the left bar, then click the “Edit” button. The tools for markers and drawing appear in the top left corner of your map. If they don’t, you may need to re-click the map name (you MUST add these pointers).
  • Test your post. If the map doesn’t look right, try re-copying and pasting the link.
  • If the map is incorrectly zoomed on your page, click “link” then “customize and preview embedded map.” In the window that pops up, zoom the map in or out as necessary, then copy the text in the window below and paste it to your site. You can also change the size of the map here.
  • You can see a sample post that shows what I want at my personal blog via this link.