In-Class Assignment: Tweetup!

You’ll like this one. At (or before, ideally) the start of class today, head to Twitter and search for the #JRLWeb tag (or just click this link). For the next hour (1-2p), we’ll be conferring with our colleagues from Memphis and Lehigh on the state of all media social. The requirements are easy:

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. Go to #JRLWeb
  3. Participate (instead of our course #WVUblogJ tag, each post needs to include the #JRLWeb tweetup tag)

We’ll have some specific topics, but the range will be dictated as we go (so don’t be afraid to bust out the Jaron Lanier). Once we get rolling, I’m going to vanish so I can follow along on Tweetdeck; after things wrap up, I’ll head back down to the lab for today’s class (so don’t cut out early on me). I’m looking forward to some active, lively conversation, and I hope you are too!

(By the way, I do realize this isn’t an actual Tweetup – that would require meeting our Twitter pals in the flesh – but it’s as good a name as any for what we’re doing, so I’m sticking with it. Along the lines of what a Tweetup is/isn’t, this timely link on the current mass demonstrations throughout the world seems appropriate.).

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