Social Media Challenge #4: Blog-a-Day Week

After blogging for several weeks, you should have a feel for what works, what doesn’t, and how to plan your attack. So far you’ve been doing sprints, but this week will be a 5K. Beginning Monday, Feb. 6, you will post something EVERY day to your personal blog for a week (this includes Saturday & Sunday). This will not be easy, but you can do it, and at the end you’ll have a newfound respect for those who do this every week.

Some rules:

  • The first rule of Blog-a-Day Week is: We do NOT talk about Blog-a-Day Week! This means no posting about hard it is to post every day, or other such metacommentary.
  • Likewise, no posting about how you don’t know what to post. Use the skills from previous challenges, ideas from your blogroll, synthesis posts, comments from other students … ANYTHING that leads to a substantive post!
  • Two of these posts obviously count for your required weekly posts, but there won’t be any extra credit for posting more than two this week (seeing as you’re required to post seven)

After these seven posts, you will then post an eighth: an overview of the blog-a-day week experience. What did you learn? What was difficult? What got easier over time? Post this by noon, Monday, Feb. 13, and also post a link to it in the comments section of this assignment.

DUE: Every day from Monday, Feb. 6 – Monday, Feb. 13 (eight posts in all)


EXTRA CREDIT: Now that you’ve finished your 5K, try for a marathon! For every one of the following three weeks that you post every day, you’ll earn two points of extra credit. Post for an entire month – that’s February 6 to March 4 – and you’ll earn 6 extra points total.

All the above rules apply – no metacommentary, no garbage posts – with one exception: On March 4, you should post an overview of your blog month experience. You might want to check out the National Blog Posting Month website ( for advice and support – you can even sign up to win prizes.

Mainly, though, you should have fun as you learn firsthand just what goes into regular blogging. I promise, you will survive.


14 Responses to Social Media Challenge #4: Blog-a-Day Week

  1. erinfitzi says:

    Here is a link to more about a lawmaker involved with dog racing in West Virginia.

  2. erinfitzi says:

    Here’s my link to my blog-a-day blog-a-day post. (P.S. – I don’t know how the post from the in class assignment got here. I could have sworn it was on the correct one.)

  3. bre7714 says:

    Here is a link to my reflections on my experience with Blog-a-Day Week.

  4. thecoalfist says:

    Here is a link to my blog-a-day recap.

  5. Ali Young says:

    Here is a link to jogging my memory and what this past week has meant to an inexperienced blogger.

  6. Ali Young says:

    The last link I published didn’t work so try this one! (sorry)

  7. Ali Young says:

    Ok.. last one, I promise. This is the one! #computerilliterate

  8. Matt Murphy says:

    Alright…so the link didn’t show up… Second try:

    try this one

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