Digital Tools and Meme extra credit

As promised, here are the links to the visual tools we discussed in class. My original source for this is Poynter, if you’d like to check out their listing.


You need to add one of these tools to at least one blog post (personal or group) by the end of next week, Friday, April 13 (!!!). You must post the link to your post in a comment to this assignment.

Extra Credit:

Also, for 2 points of extra credit (that’s a blog or readings post), you can create an SOJ-specific meme and upload it as a comment to THIS post. Quickmeme is an easy to use site, but do what works for you. Please keep it reasonably friendly – we’re reflecting the School of Journalism here, after all.


29 Responses to Digital Tools and Meme extra credit

  1. thecoalfist says:

    No comment on the validity of this meme

  2. thecoalfist says:

    I also used a wordle word cloud in my most recent post.

  3. This blog uses Many Eyes. I saw a great one on food consumption by state and thought it’d fit perfectly into my blog.

  4. Anan Wan says:

    I’m not sure whether you can understand my meme

  5. Ali Young says:

    Here is my meme about the J school:

  6. Matt Murphy says:

    In my post for our group blog, I used Batchgeo to create a list of places to go outside Morgantown. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to embed, so I had to just use the link. Either way, here it is.

    Also, here’s the meme I created for the j-school.

  7. Mary Power says:

    I used wordle as well here

  8. Here’s my interactive timeline, courtesy of Dipity. Unfortunately I’m having serious difficulties getting it embedded on my blog. 😦

  9. bre7714 says:

    In my post about Pub Trivia, I used a wordle to represent what words are used a lot in trivia questions. Unfortunately, the wordle image is small and if I try to increase the size it gets blurry, but it works nicely as a link, at least.

  10. Joey Simson says:

    I did not get a chance to post this Thursday, but here is my post with a wordcloud from Wordle –

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