Team Data Collection Project – WVU Campus Crime

Thus far, our forays into data have dealt with simple summary data from the 2010 U.S. Census. Next week we’ll start working with data of our own collection. You’ve probably heard about the unsettling number of public beatings here at WVU this semester – it’s only been a few, but it seems like an unsettling trend. But IS it a trend? To learn more, we’ll be working with WVU Campus Police incident data.

For class next Thursday (Sept. 13), you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Create an Excel Spreadsheet titled “WVU Campus Crime for [your assigned month and year – listed below]
  2. Create the following seven headings in row 1:
    • Date Occurred (including a.m. or p.m.)
    • Time Occurred (including year)
    • Case Number (e.g., “11-0011264” – leave out the “C” at the start, if there is one)
    • Crime Title (e.g., “Theft (Building)”
    • Description (this may include the names and details of individual actors)
    • Location (listed in description prior to February 2012; if unlocatable, list as “N/A” – if locatable but not reported, note this on paper!)
    • Disposition (status – this is listed differently before and after February 2012, so be consistent)
  3. Go to the University Police crime statistics page.
  4. Find your assigned month.
  5. Go through the reports for EVERY day included in that month and enter these into your spreadsheet.
  6. SAVE & PRINT (don’t forget your name)
  7. Once your spreadsheet is complete, go to our group spreadsheet at Google Docs (“WVU Campus Crime 2011-2012“)
    • You need to send me your gmail address so I can invite you to this.
  8. Copy and paste your spreadsheet data at the bottom of the list

This must be completed by the start of class on Thursday, Sept. 13. In addition, you must bring a printout of your completed Excel spreadsheet (not the master Google docs spreadsheet) with your name and assigned month on it.

Assigned months:

  • Kirk Auvil: Aug. 2012
  • Eliza Donney: July 2012
  • Brittany Furbee: June 2012
  • Omar Ghabra: May 2012
  • Hunter Homistek: April 2012
  • Elizabeth Hurst: March 2012
  • Dan Matarazzo: Feb. 2012
  • Matt Murphy: Jan. 2012
  • Candace Nelson: Dec. 2011
  • Mary Power: Nov. 2011
  • Rachelle Purych: Oct. 2011
  • Dr. Britten: Sept. 2011



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