How-To (and In-Class #1): Starting your WordPress blog

    1. We’ll be using WordPress
    2. Click the “Sign up” link (at top)
    3. Enter the required information (username, password, email)
    4. Give your blog a name
      • The format is
      • May take a couple tries to find one not taken
    5. Post!
      • Log in & in the top infobar click “New Post” – select “Text”
      • Enter a title in the top box, enter your text in the lower box (we’ll delete it later)
        • To access a more detailed posting screen, go to your dashboard (via the link in the top left of the infobar) and in the left menu, select Posts > Add New
        • You may also want to compose your posts in a word processing program, then cut and paste them into the blog box
    6. Add value! (these are in the dashboard, not quick post view)
      • Images: Make sure you know where the image is, then click the image icon (above the text window, next to “upload/insert”) – in the “From Computer” tab, click “select files”, find your image, and decide where you want it in the text (left, right, or center)
      • Links: Select the text you want to make into a link. Click the little chain link icon above the text window and enter an address (or cut and paste) – it MUST begin with http://
      • Tags and Categories: You can create and edit tags and categories to index your posts, and they can be whatever you want. Just type in a new one and click “add”.
    7. Publish!
      • Just click the big blue “Publish” button on the right
      • If you want to save a post for later, click “Save Draft” in that Publish window – you can log in anywhere later on and make changes or publish
      • Don’t like what you have? Scroll to the bottom of your post and click “edit” and make the changes you want.
      • More options:
        1. You can change “Publicize” to automatically post to Twitter or other places
        2. You can edit “Publish” to post at a future date (useful for working ahead)
    8. Whenever you post an assigned blog post, make sure to check the assignment for where to post the link (typically as a comment to the assignment post but sometimes as an email or tweet)

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