Personal blogs for fall 2013

The links are in, so here are your personal blogs and the summaries you’ve provided. Take a look through and see what’s coming. I’ll be adding these to the blogroll (on the right) as well, under “1. Student blogs,” so you’ll have ready access to each other’s work. A few of you are straggling – get me those links and descriptions!

Maddi Blankenship: How public relations interacts with the mass media.

Eva Buchman: My blog focuses on the television industry and how they are evolving to include more user-generated content in their broadcasts.

Bryan BumgardnerThis blog is about magazines – specifically, what they look like. Layout, design and photography are all storytelling tools with just as much weight as words. I overthink magazines for you so hopefully you’ll see magazines in the same way I do: as powerful, artistic litmus tests of human cultures.

Abigail Campbell: An introduction to my blog focused around using social media and multimedia in the search for jobs and internships.

Samantha Cart: This blog will explore how religious organizations specifically are using social media to garner support, draw in new members, connect people with similar value networks, gain recognition and educate the world about what they believe.

Emily Cotter: My blog will be studying and analyzing nonprofits and how they are using social media to their advantage.


Kevin Duvall: In this introductory post, I tell a little about myself and give an overview of how brands use social media and new online business models.

Ryan Fadus: I will be blogging about how social media has changed and affected the sports world.

Ryan Glaspell: Covering the use of mass media communication in music promotion.

Whitney Godwin: This blog, written by a graduate student at the P.I. Reed School of journalism, is based on nonprofit organizations and their use of social media to further their mission and goals; this specific post is an introductory post explaining my background and future career hopes.

Daniel Krotz: I am going to focus on news stories and how the story can change based upon who is reporting the news. For example, the same news stories from FOX and MSNBC may basically have the same gist, but could be biased in their reporting. I am focusing on “news equality.”

Michael Martin: “Mass Media Meltdowns” is a blog dedicated to surfacing the Media Disasters in Sports.

Ilyssa Miroshnik: This page describes myself and my interest in not only entertainment news but current day social media usage for news.

Ian Moore: This blog is dedicated to covering the advancing technology and its effect on the television and film industries.

Karlea Pack: The focus for my blog will be on the ever-changing nightlife scene and how social media is helping to flourish this industry.

Charles Richardson: I wish to spotlight how social media has given more power to the people dealing with news events.

Timothy Saar: My blog will be a chronicle and discussion on video games shift into our modern, always-on culture.

Rachel Simpkins: I will be focusing on how social media boosts TV advertising.

Natalie Snyder: An aspiring writer and journalist researching the future of the diminishing print industry and the status of the flourishing world of internet reporting.

Zachary Voreh: This is a blog about the history of documentaries and the evolution of the field, as well as profiles on specific filmmakers and films.


4 Responses to Personal blogs for fall 2013


    My second blog post discusses my topic, how public relations interacts with the mass media.

  2. acampb22 says:

    An introduction to the focus and purpose of my blog which is to explore methods in social and mass media for finding jobs and internships.

    This post explores and describes the social media site LinkedIn.

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