Social Media Challenge #3 – Talking Back

This week you built and annotated a blogroll to follow in your own blogging pursuits. The Read-Write Web isn’t simply about taking what you need, however – you also have to become part of the conversation. This week you’re going to make your voice heard.

Part 1: Start talking! – DUE: All comments made by 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11

You must post at least 10 substantive comments to the blogs you read (I will only count one comment to an individual blog). The majority of these should be to blogs in your blogroll, but some outsiders are acceptable. Be sure to include your email and blog address when you post, or it won’t count!

To verify your work, you will provide a printout of each comment (one page each, so 10 pages total) and turn it in at next Thursday’s class (Sept. 12).

Note: A substantive comment goes beyond saying “Great ideas” or other spammer-speak to build on and extend the conversation. Run with their ideas! This brings us to part 2 …

Part 2: Synthesis post – POST BY: 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 12

Since the blogs in your blogroll are all aimed at your focus, you should be able to synthesize several of the ideas they present into something new that takes their ideas further. For this assignment, you need to identify an ISSUE that’s currently being discussed in your chosen blog community. You will construct a blog post that brings together posts on the subject from at least three members of your blogroll AND adds your own voice to that discussion.

Post a link to your post (not your main blog page) with a one-sentence description to the comment section of this assignment by the due date.

Wondering how to get started? Here are some ideas:

  • How is the issue being covered in the news? What are other bloggers saying?
  • Do you agree with these other perspectives? Disagree?
  • How can you fit the different voices you’re hearing (news, supporters, opponents) together to say something NEW about the issue?

Note: Although some summarization will be necessary, that’s NOT the point of this assignment. Instead, you must build an original discussion or argument upon these others’ ideas. Be sure to link as needed in order to give credit where it is due.


19 Responses to Social Media Challenge #3 – Talking Back


    Many ET and social media blogs have been posting about Mileys new transformation so I pulled together my post which describes Mileys behavior in social media and how that has increased her hits.


    Many blogs have been discussing the strategies that Obama has been using to sway public opinion on military action in Syria. My blog post describes how he is using the mass media to communicate his message.

  3. trentcu says:

    This entry reflects on the growing role of social media as a public relations arm in the sports world.

  4. frostedtsaar says:

    In my synthesis blog post, I listen to differing opinions on the recent controversy regarding the developer of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number to include a scene where a woman is nearly raped in the demo of his game, and how the developer is response to public criticism.

    I posted this on my blog before 4 p.m. today, but forgot to post this link until now.

  5. In my synthesis blog post I included several links to blogs on my blogroll, because they all seem to be focusing on the same thing: a) financial issues and risks facing nonprofits and b) the changing landscape of social media platforms. Each blog brings unique insight into these major issues currently facing nonprofit organizations.

  6. This post is about email fundraising, trying to get rid of “email overload” and some tips for nonprofits on how to not have their simple email deleted:

  7. This is the newest post on advertising on Facebook and its affect on advertising in the print media.

  8. ebuchman5 says:

    I looked at the idea of user-verification, and how important it is to trust the source in which your news is coming from, regardless if it is a citizen journalist or professional journalist:

  9. rachelwvu says:

    Does Social TV actually work? Can Twitter, Facebook, etc. really make TV viewership increase? I answered those questions in the following blog post:

  10. karleapack says:

    Are social media sites like Yelp helping to tarnish some business’ reputations?

  11. ryanglaspell says:

    With the release of a number of new internet radio services competing against veteran services, where does the field currently stand? I try to lay it out in my blog post.

  12. acampb22 says:

    Other blogs with my same focus are discussing extreme methods people are taking to get hired and to get the attention of their desired employers. In my post, I explore some of these methods and what it takes to to stand out to employers.

  13. ryanfadus says:

    How sports stadiums are incorporating social media for games in order to get fans more involved.

  14. samanthacart says:
    This post questions the way religious blogs and media outfits report on the anniversary of 9/11.

  15. cricha18 says:

    This post talks about how the newspaper industry has gone down as more news organizations continue to focus on using social media and technology.

  16. dkrotz says:

    This post talks about the polarized media coverage of the issue about Syria and incorporates the reaction of the blogging community.

  17. kevinmduvall says:

    I talked about different views on smartwatches and how Pebble and Samsung released that technology before Apple.

  18. iamoore says:

    unable to see my comment posting my blog so hopefully it works this time. My blog is about how the film industry must change to flourish.

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