In-class #3: HTML2

In this, your second round, we’ll be starting with the foundation from last week and adding lists and styles (you’ve already learned this in this week’s Codecademy module (Web Fundamentals: HTML Basics II):

First, remember these basics for coding and previewing your work:

To preview in TextWrangler

  • In Chrome, go to File > Open File… and open “index.html”
  • Command-Tab to select TextWrangler and write code
  • Command-Tab to select Chrome and Command-R to refresh your webpage

You’ll do the following:

  1. Use/create WWW folder; create “index2.html”; add structural tags
  2. Create a comment inside <body> that says “In-class assignment #4: HTML2”
  3. Create a first-level heading and an intro paragraph
  4. Create a second-level heading and an ordered list of your top three books, movies, or bands
  5. Create a fourth-level heading and an unordered list of skills you possess
  6. Create a nested unordered list inside item #1 of your ordered list (step 3) – make this reasons why it’s #1
  7. Add a fourth item to the unordered list (step 4) and add an image to it
  8. Change background color of page
  9. Change top headline to Verdana font family, a different color, and centered alignment
  10. Change style of your intro paragraph to 30px, a different color, and centered alignment

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  1. frostedtsaar says:

    Hey, I want some extra credit, and here is my blog.

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