Introducing the group blogs for 2013

Here they are: This semester’s group blog projects. Today is the first day of posting, so there’s not yet much content, but I’ve provided links and synopses below. As in the past, they’ll also appear in the right-hand sidebar under “2. Group Blogs.” Have a look at what’s on the way.

AlmostHeaven Entertainment: We’re aiming to bring you information on all things related to arts and entertainment in and around Morgantown.

Morgantown Problems: Our blog is about the issues facing Morgantown and how residents and local officials are working to solve these issues to make Morgantown an even better place to live.

Morgantown Man Cave: Six of Morgantown’s manliest men have joined forces to inform readers about people, places and events in sports, gaming, music and other areas of entertainment in Morgantown.

The Cap, the Gown & The Pursuit of Happiness: A blog designed to educate senior undergraduates and graduate students on the well-known and little-known steps to get to graduation.


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