Assignment #1: Getting Started

Part 1: Pick a topic

Write up the focus of your blog (about a paragraph) and post it as a comment to this post by 10a Wednesday, Jan. 13. Your blog must have a clear MEDIA focus that goes beyond your own opinions – it can’t just be a diary or your movie reviews. To that end, some restrictions:

  • No diaries
  • No cat/dog/cute animal pictures
  • No recipes (yes, I’ve gotten this)
  • No advice (sports, entertainment, graduation info, fashion/health tips, and so on). You CAN use these subjects if your focus is clearly on their media angle – for example, if you covered issues in sports journalism – but your opinions on the Dallas Cowboys are not relevant here.
  • No pink dragons

Also: Don’t forget to give it a title!

Part 2: Write your first post

Write up a good first post for your first blog, print it out, and bring it to class on Wednesday. You might describe the different arguments being made about a subject relevant to your topic, linking to each. Don’t just list, though. Provide evidence and synthesize something new: What are the bigger themes going one in these posts?

Some more requirements:

  • At least one high-quality link is required in every post for full credit. This means links to CONTENT, not links to Wikipedia, Facebook, or the CNN homepage (yes, I’ve gotten all of these).
  • The key here is to report on the conversation. What’s being said? Can you get at the discussion and tell us something new about it? Use links and evidence strategically – it doesn’t need to be long.
  • Mark links with the URL in brackets, e.g., “Miranda July’s newest novel is getting some good reviews [].”
  • Don’t forget a headline – try to make it something that would catch YOUR interest.

BOTH are due by 10a Wednesday, Jan. 13.


24 Responses to Assignment #1: Getting Started

  1. Matt Fergo says:

    I chose to write my blog on the flaws of the current age of sports journalism.

    Title: The Bottom Line; What’s Wrong with Sports Media

  2. “How Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight”

    Throughout my blog I will show how social media has a lot of helpful tips to help people lose weight, I will also try to shed light upon tips on social media that are not true. This blog will be based mainly on eating healthy, but will not be limited to just that. It will also show helpful exercising tips that people can use to help them lose weight and look the way that they want to. I think this could be a very helpful blog to people and could gain a good following because everyone now a day is concerned about their appearance, and eating right and excersing is the only way to gain the appearance most people are looking for.

  3. kaitlindavisblog says:

    Professor Britten,

    I would like to focus on health and fitness on my blog for this coming semester. Since this is the beginning of a new year, I am hopeful of new coverage of health/fitness related topics in advertising, social media, marketing and more. Considering some individuals make a new years resolution of improving their health, this blog may be of interest to the public. This is my first time having a blog of this manner, but I am excited for this upcoming semester and can’t wait to begin my blogging journey!

    The title of my blog will be something along the lines of Fitness, Health, and the Media. However, I may end up changing it once I start designing my blog. I can let you know if I decide to do so!

    Thank you!

    Kaitlin Davis

  4. Molly Shadle says:

    The focus of my blog will be the influence of media on beauty standards globally both currently and throughout history. Posts will discuss ideals across different societies and cultures, as well as the impact media and other influences have on shaping these ideals. Other topics may include the ethicality of editing such as Photoshop in media, examining the effectiveness of campaigns for change in how beauty is portrayed, and consequences of portraying these ideals. My goal is to explore a number of topics I am interested in—fashion, beauty and trends across different cultures, while investigating their relationship with media and current issues.

  5. Matt Fergo says:

    Title; A Black and White look at Sports Media

    My blog will be about racial issues/biases in the sports world and how these issues are handled by the media. Athletes themselves can often play the role of activist at the forefront of current social issues. I would also like to include how these issues are perceived on social media.

    A prime example of this would be with NBA players, who unfortunately are often judged by the color of their skin. Kristaps Porzingis was labeled as a bust before even stepping on the court because he was European – no different than those who came before him. Another example of a blog topic could be the Missouri protests this past fall, and the football team’s decision to join in on these protests. With each issue, there are inherent biases the media occasionally portrays. I want to ask questions like; is there coverage fair and accurate? Are they looking at the right things and asking the right questions? How does their portrayal of these issues change overtime?

    My end-goal with this blog is to provide a fair, objective analysis of racial issues in sports today while critiquing any deficiencies there may be in the media coverage regarding said issues.

  6. John Mark says:

    The focus of my story will be the business of modern professional wrestling. I will be reporting on it not from an entertainment perspective, but on the actual personalities involved in the business itself. Real life injuries happen and scramble a company’s carefully plotted plans. Audience reaction to a wrestler or angle isn’t what the creative team thought it would be, forcing the company to think in its feet. In other words, I will mostly be taking about the real-life aspects of wrestling rather than what you just see on TV.

    Title – Wrestling with Wrestling

  7. Title; Race and Sports Media in the 21st Century

    My blog will analyze how the media covers racial issues in sports, as well as how the two go hand in hand. A few contemporary examples include the media’s portrayal of Kristaps Porzingis when he was he drafted. Another example would be when Chip Kelly was accused of being a racist by former players.

    The question’s I want to ask; How is the media handling the story, are they being fair and objective? Is there any stereotypical bias in the coverage? And finally, how are these stories being perceived by the public on social media?

    My goal for this blog is to provide people with a well-informed, fair and objective analysis of how racial issues in sports are handled in the media.

  8. EmilyGMartin says:

    In my blog I plan to focus on women in media. I hope to explore how women are (or are not) represented in the media world and what can be or is being done to improve that. I will look at all areas of media, including television, movies, music, sports, radio, etc.. I may also look at other minorities as well, such as African Americans, Hispanics or LGBTQ.

    I’m not 100% set on this title but I was thinking something like FEMedia

  9. Kaitlyn Powers says:

    I want to focus my blog on the influence of media on politics, specifically the current presidential race and the upcoming election. I want to look at the media’s portrayal of candidates and their campaigns, and how viewers use media to inform themselves and form opinions on candidates. I also want to look at the importance of social media in presidential campaigns and how candidates are using social media to reach voters. How are their attempts successful or unsuccessful? My working title for my blog is “Keeping Up With the Candidates.”

  10. Patrick J. Clarke says:

    Engaging Entertainment Through Social Media

    I would like to create a blog focused around entertainment and the film industry and how social media has an impact on the box office. I would also tie in advertisements and promotional work done through social media by those productions, considering most major motion pictures utilize all forms of media and journalism to spread the word about upcoming projects. In my blog, I can also discuss how the actors, writers, producers, etc. use social media to discuss their recent work and engage fans.

  11. emilyeisenhuth says:

    For this assignment I have two ideas for my blog post.

    1. This blog will be about different animated movies that are made for children and analyzing the way females are represented in the movie. How they interact with family members, what their take are in their community, and comparing movies and the way the women are represented. I took a class last semester that dug deeper into kids animated movies and how females were represented and downgraded in some movies. I will look at both the positive representations and the negatives. It is interesting that these movies are targeted for younger children but yet shows that women are suppose to play certain roles and certain behaviors.

    2. This blog will be different ways to become a better and healthier person without having to go to the gym and lift weights all the time. Instead, have fun with what you are doing and not realize how much you are exercising. I will look at media from different organizations and corporations advertise their products by being more outdoors. I will use their social medias and look into different activities that interest all ages.

  12. Kristen Tuell says:

    For my blog, I would like to focus on entertainment journalism. Most people find the majority of their entertainment news through social media platforms (ex. Whitney Houston’s death). There are new entertainment stories uploaded on Entertainment Tonight’s, E!’s, and even ABC News’ websites and twitter nearly every minute. Some people claim to dislike celebrities, but honestly, we can’t live without them. We turn to actors and actresses for a little drama or comic relief. We have favorite music artists and we have people whose music we really just don’t like. For this reason, I think writing an entertainment blog would be interesting and relevant for many people. There are also many flaws with the way entertainment news is reported. With only a small caption and a picture included in most tweets, some stories can be taken completely differently than they were intended if people don’t read the full story. Entertainment news also tends to include only certain pieces of footage or quotes to tell a story, and sometimes that is misconstrued. I would like to do my blog investigating the popular stories in the entertainment industry and giving my readers both sides of movie stars, music artists, and those reporting on them. Since I will be discussing many stories about various stars and their stories, I am considering calling my blog “The Entertainment Review.”

  13. Angie DeWitt says:

    I would like to focus my blog on social media’s impact on businesses. Every bar in Morgantown has a Twitter that they use to promote. Most restaurants do, as well as shops and clothing stores. While so much negativity still surrounds social media, it is also revolutionizing business in the world. I would like to focus on that.

  14. jadenarth says:

    Music and the Media
    For my blog, I’d like to explore the music industry. Specifically, I would like to look at how newer forms of media affect the industry and how we listen to music. Some things I’d like to discuss include how Youtube artists become famous, why artists provide their music to streaming services (or why they don’t), who controls how indie artists make it on the charts, and how under-discovered artists self-promote using social media.

  15. For my blog I will be writing about the world of entertainment and how it connects with social media. The title of my blog will be “Always Entertainment.”

  16. I am a double major in journalism and anthropology, so I wanted to pick a focus that incorporated both disciplines. The Telltale Bones will be a blog that focuses on the changing forensic technologies anthropologists use to tell the story of the death of a person or group of people. This will be achieved by analyzing news stories about cases and scientific research. I will show all sides of the issues surrounding forensic measures by also reaching out to knowledgeable experts beyond what I can find published.

  17. davidstatman says:

    I’ve decided that my blog is going This Week in Hot Sports Takes. In recent years, sports media has trended more and more towards the “hot take” – the controversial, strongly worded opinion that’s just there to be controversial and start conversation, and often draw hate. Some commentators, such as Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless, have made careers out of it. My blog will take a look at the hot takes being spewed by sports media personalities, examine those arguments and the responses of other sports commentators and fans.

  18. Intersection of Belief & Culture

    The focus of my blog is how the media covers religious issues in society. Most of the people – outside of North America and much of Europe – adhere to a faith tradition, which influences them personally, communally, nationally, and globally. Even atheists/humanists have a belief system which is their de facto religion/philosophy. Belief and culture intersect in countless ways every single day in our world, from the U.S. Presidential campaign to the plight of girls seeking a simple education in Afghanistan & Pakistan. I hope to be able to highlight how religion influences every part of human existence.

  19. I want to log about how different types of media affect political campaigns and how politicians use media to their advantage. When TV became a staple in the lives of Americans, it changed the way politicians ran their campaigns. Social media like Twitter are now changing the way campaigns and politicians do things again. It’s interesting to look at how politicians use media to their advantage and how media can negatively affect politics as well.

  20. Caitlin Worrell says:

    For my blog, I would like to focus on Music and Media. More specifically, I want to explore how artists use social media and new technology in the mainstream and underground music scene.

  21. mtshadle says:

    Professor Britten, I have finally decided on a title for my blog… however, I am unsure of how to change the domain name. The title I would like for my blog is Through Altered Eyes.

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