Assignment #3: Start Following!

So far, you’ve introduced yourself and determined a focus for your blog. This week you’ll solidify that focus and identify sources of information that will contribute to your writings.

Part 1: Refine your focus

This week, you created an “About” page with your blog’s mission statement. In class today, we assessed these focuses. Based on my and your classmates’ feedback, refine your “About” page and add some depth. Remember these points from our readings:

  • It’s not about you. Make sure your focus is a larger conversation, not a diary or “expert advice” (you’re not one) or “my crazy life” blog. How can you connect with a larger community?
  • It’s not about everything. Avoid being too broad (e.g., “pop culture”) – if you say you will write about something general like “sports,” you’ll need to spell out what a reader might get out of reading your site compared to the countless other sports sites out there.
  • It’s not just links. Links are necessary, but a successful blog needs to add something to the information it synthesizes from elsewhere. Linking to a bunch of stories about the Pittsburgh Penguins is not blogging.

Part 2: Identify sources to help you

Blogging isn’t something you have to do on your own. With your focused topic in mind, it’s time to identify some sources to help you on that path. You will identify at least 10 blogs to follow. Each of these blogs should be a spiritual cousin to your own – they do something related to what you hope to do. They may be individual bloggers or group blog sites; they cannot be non-blog sites (e.g.,, although you may link to an individual blogger on such a site (no more than one from a site).

You’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Add a blogroll (Links > Add New > Create a “Blogroll” category) and add your 10 blogs to it (5 pts for blogroll)
  • Write a blog post explaining (in 1-2 sentences each) how each of these blogs will inform your own blog – don’t forget to include links to each blog in your post! (5 pts for links)
  • Yes, this counts as one of your two weekly posts (5 pts for compelling, coherent writeup)

Due: 10a, Monday, January 25

  • This post must be published before class on Monday
  • Post a link to your post (with a short description) in a comment to this blog post.

19 Responses to Assignment #3: Start Following!

    • davidstatman says:

      Sorry, meant to have a description here. A few of these include really relevant stuff for my blog, but a few of these are just inspiring for me on tone and style – they blog the way I want to on my blog.

  1. mtshadle says:

    **I have my post for this assignment set to auto-post at 8:30 am so it should be available then**

  2. matthewfergo says:

    I have found multiple blogs that I not only took inspiration from, but will plan to use as inspiration to help develop my own writing along the way.

  3. emilyeisenhuth says:

    My assignment was scheduled to post at 10:00 am on the dot since that is the times for blogging, but I don’t think I did it correctly.

    • emilyeisenhuth says:

      It was hard to find blogs that are what I am trying to do but I have used some of these blogs to pick what brands I wanted to write about.


    My blog post was posted at 9:30 a.m. this morning. For me, this assignment was a little hard considering my topic of health and fitness. A lot of the blogs that kept popping up in my search were blogs that were advice blogs, and that’s not what I was looking for. However, despite those blogs, I think I found 10 really good blogs that are good examples of where I want to go with my blog.


    I found a ton of blogs and articles regarding the recent trend of millennials to buy less and save more. Not only did these blogs inspire the content for my latest posts, they’ve also inspired me to improve my life.


    I found more than 15 blogs that I will regularly monitor for inspiration and to help me know what the discussion is in the religion blogging universe. I also updated and expanded on my about section (as was suggested).

  7. coreymac94 says:

    I found both local blogs as well as blogs that cover broader areas such as the west or around the world involved in energy production.

  8. John Mark says:

    Here is my list of blogs to follow. It’s tough because most pro wrestling blogs are the exact same in terms of content, but I think I got a good variety.

  9. amdewitt94 says:

    My article was posted @10am on the dot I just forgot to post the comment with the link with it I was impressed with how many blogs are similar to mine

  10. sdsingle2015 says:

    These are the blogs that I found inspiration and informational to body positivity. I also shortened my biography on the about me page.

  11. jadenarth says:

    These are some of the most influential music blogs that have made a name for themselves.


    I wasn’t sure if these needed to be posted here before class because classes were cancelled. Either way, here’s my post on my inspiration for my entertainment focused blog. I found major entertainment news sources who all had a strong online presence, but I struggled to find individual bloggers like myself who liked to contribute to the entertainment world. I searched long and hard though and think I came up with some good blogs to follow!

  13. EmilyGMartin says:
    I turned to major feminist sites who had pages of recommended blogs and chose from those lists.


    I narrowed in on sites that specialized in both music news and industry insight. I found that although many blogs weren’t specifically media focused, a majority of the news they cover involves media and communication among artists.


    Here is my list of blogs that I found to be useful information for my own blog. They are all very similar in content ranging from celebrity stories to theatre and more.

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