Group blog teams

Here they are, your group blog teams for 2016! I went through your existing blogs and the comments you left on last week’s assignment to sort you by complementary interests, styles, and so on. The more detail you provided, the better a fit I was likely to find. Regardless, you’re in this boat together now, so get to know each other!

Group 1

  • Ashley
  • Sierra
  • Angie
  • Kaitlin D.
  • Audrie

Group 2

  • John Mark
  • Craig
  • Emily E.
  • Kaitlyn P.
  • Patrick

Group 3

  • Jade
  • Preston
  • Corey
  • Caitlin W.
  • Molly

Group 4

  • David
  • Kristen
  • Sarah E.
  • Matt
  • Emily M.

In today’s class, you’ll be meeting to work out the initial details of whatever it is you’ll be doing for the final five weeks of the semester. Next Monday, March 7, your group will present its concept, along with a list of story pitches (at least two from each member) and a tentative schedule (don’t create an actual blog on WordPress yet – that comes later).

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