Assignment #2: The About Page

Your new blog needs a place for readers to find out what it’s about. You could do this as a first post, but over time, this will get hard to find – nobody likes scrolling, after all. Instead, you’re going to create an About page. Have a look at this read from blogtyrant on what makes a terrific “About Us” page – they include examples, too! With those ideas in mind, get started. There are two parts:

For Wednesday, August 24:

Write an About page and a first post (bring both, printed, to Wednesday’s class). Some things you’ll need to include:

  • What’s the blog about? Well DUH. But this means you’ll need to know that yourself, and that means spelling out the specifics of what readers can expect. You might add some links to similar blogs (while explaining what will make yours different)
  • Who’s the author? Tell us your background. What are you studying? What are your interests and accomplishments? (note: Readers don’t want to hear about YOU until they’ve heard about your blog!)
  • Where can I find you? You’re cultivating an online presence, so let interested readers know where they can hear more from you. You needn’t use an email if you don’t want, but at the very least put up your Twitter handle.
  • First post (this is the second part of assignment one): Make it a real, attention-grabbing post, not an introduction (“Here’s my blog!”). You’re only printing this out for now, so include links and multimedia (photos, video, etc.) in brackets [url=…] so we can see where they go.

For Sunday, Aug. 28

Create an About page on your blog (we’ll create blogs in Wednesday’s class) and post the link in a comment to this post, and I’ll add it to the blogroll on our course blog.

In your dashboard:

  1. Pages > Add New
  2. Title: “About” or “About This Blog”
  3. Write some appropriate “about” content (you can update this as your blog grows)
  4. Publish!

Due: 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28 (must post comment by this time)

DON’T FORGET: Tweet the link to your first post (not this About page) using the #WVUblogJ next week too!


29 Responses to Assignment #2: The About Page

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Good start. I still think you’re going to be better served by branching out into homerism in college media beyond WVU. You can still have a WVU emphasis, but this is going to improve your potential for audience.

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Fair, but let’s get rid of that first graf – it adds nothing, and really it’s just some cliche business about “the world is different now.” Your second graf gets more clearly to your focus, although it feels pretty general. The parental angle has some potential, if that’s something you’re going to actively pursue. Work on narrowing down to a community that’s not already being served.

    • aaaaaargh says:

      This seems like a problem. I’m not seeing any fresh angle here, so it’s just “Hollywood news from someone in West Virginia.” That’s not going to work. Revise this into something more distinctive – what can you talk about that’s not already being talked about?

    • aaaaaargh says:

      “This blog will give you tips and tricks” and let me stop you right there. Remember, advice blogs are out. You CAN cover health, but your focus needs to be issues and community, not tips and recommendations. Can you revise to make this work?

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Decent start, but you need to retool this so that from the first sentence, we’re aware that your focus is on sequels, remakes, and revisions. Right now, it sounds too much like a generic entertainment blog at the start, and nobody’s coming to a WVU student for that. Clean it up.

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Okay, you’ve got your focus, and I can see it playing out over the semester. You might consider an example or two, and maybe a bit more on why this is a worthwhile subject, but generally a good start.

    • aaaaaargh says:

      There’s barely anything here! Flesh this out and give us more detail about how your blog’s focus will be distinctive rather than “some things about Broadway.”

    • aaaaaargh says:

      This looks a lot like a graduation advice blog, which is one of the off-limits topics I outlined in class. Unless this is going in a significantly different direction than what it appears to be, you’re going to have to change.

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Your blog doesn’t have a (posted) title. I’m a little concerned with your first post, which is just a festival profile. That’s not gonna fly. You need meaningful headlines for your posts as well – just saying the name of a festival is a label, not a hed that’s going to draw anyone in.

  1. smarino92 says:

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Your blog has no title, and there’s no content in your About page. It looks like you may have posted your About page content as a first post. As it stands, that first post won’t earn much credit because it doesn’t follow the requirements for images and links (there are none).

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Your blog doesn’t have a title yet! You probably want to include some details about yourself in the second graf as well, and make some posts (it’s already Wednesday).

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Fair start. One thing I noticed is that you say you’re going to break down a misconception, but you don’t really say what comes next. Also, it’s time to start getting some posts up!

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