How-To: Starting Your WordPress Blog

We’ll be creating blogs today, and you’ll begin posting next week (in addition to the About page due Sunday). Here’s a step-by-step of how to do it! We’ll be using WordPress (

  1. Click the “Sign up” link (at top)
  2. Enter the required information (username, password, email)
  3. Give your blog a name
    • The format is
    • May take a couple tries to find one not taken

Once you’ve got a blog …

  • Post!
    1. Log in & in the top infobar click “New Post”
    2. Enter a title in the top box, enter your text in the lower box (we’ll delete it later)
      • For more detail, go to your dashboard (link in top left of infobar > WP Admin) – in left menu, Posts > Add New
      • You may want to compose your posts in a word processing program then paste them into the blog box
  • Add value! (in dashboard view only)
    • Images: Make sure you know where the image is, then click Add Media > Upload Files > Select Files. Find your image, and decide where you want it in the text (left, right, or center)
    • Links: Select the text you want to make into a link. Click the little chain link icon above the text window and enter an address (or cut and paste) – it MUST begin with http://
    • Tags and Categories: Tags and categories (in the right menu) help index your posts. Just type a new one and click “add”.
  • Publish!
    1. Click the big blue “Publish” button in the right menu
    2. If you want to save a post for later, click “Save Draft”
      1. Log in later and publish manually
      2. Set a specific time for it to publish automatically
    3. Don’t like what you have? Scroll to the bottom of your post and click “edit” and make the changes you want.
    4. Publicity (Publicize > Settings)
      • You can link your blog to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path accounts
      • Linked blogs can publish automatically to these
  • NOTE: Whenever you make an assigned blog post, be sure to check the assignment for where to post the link (typically as a comment to the assignment post but sometimes as an email or tweet).

2 Responses to How-To: Starting Your WordPress Blog

  1. Ryan Decker says:

    Here is the “About” page for “WVU Football Realist”.

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