Assignment #4: Talking Back

This week you built and annotated a blogroll to follow in your own blogging pursuits. The Read-Write Web isn’t simply about taking what you need, however – you also have to become part of the conversation. This week you’re going to make your voice heard.

Part 1: Start talking! – DUE: All comments made by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11

You must post at least 10 substantive comments to the blogs in your blogroll (one per blog). Be sure to include your email and blog address when you post, or it won’t count!

To verify your work, you will provide a printout of each comment with a URL to the story and turn it in at next Monday’s class (Sept. 12). To save on paper, you can also take screenshots and print those.

Note: A substantive comment goes beyond saying “Great ideas” or other spammer-speak to build on and extend the conversation. Run with their ideas! This brings us to part 2 …

Part 2: Synthesis post – POST ON: 10 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 14 (note that this must go up ON Wednesday for full credit)

Since the blogs in your blogroll are all aimed at your focus, you should be able to synthesize several of the ideas they present into something new that takes their ideas further. For this assignment, you need to identify an ISSUE that’s currently being discussed in your chosen blog community. You will construct a blog post that brings together posts on the subject from at least three members of your blogroll AND adds your own voice to that discussion.

Post a link to your post (not your main blog page) with a one-sentence description to the comment section of this assignment by the due date.

Wondering how to get started? Here are some ideas:

  • How is the issue being covered in the news? What are other bloggers saying?
  • Do you agree with these other perspectives? Disagree?
  • How can you fit the different voices you’re hearing (news, supporters, opponents) together to say something NEW about the issue?

Note: Although some summarization will be necessary, that’s NOT the point of this assignment. Instead, you must build an original discussion or argument upon these others’ ideas. Be sure to link as needed in order to give credit where it is due.

(yes, this counts as one of your two weekly posts)


11 Responses to Assignment #4: Talking Back

  1. michalalynn says:
    Ticket Bots aren’t just an issue when it comes to getting tickets to the Beyonce concert, they also affect the world of broadway.

    Should student-athletes get paid for what they go through while they are eligible? There are many differing views to this popular topic.

  3. carlyperez5 says:
    Self-love has been a huge topic circulating around the health and fitness industry.

  4. Ryan Decker says: Even though a lot of College Football teams had tougher games than they would’ve liked last weekend, it’s not time to overreact and hit the panic button just yet.

  5. kameronduncan says: An update on the national anthem controversy in the NFL, and what people on both sides of the issue are saying about it.

  6. ostarabanova says:

    China is facing a number of problems concerning animal cruelty. Are they going to change their policy?

  7. alexaciattarelli says:

    NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has decided to sit during pre-game ceremonies. In an effort to fight against police brutality, he has refused to show respect for the national anthem.

    Standardized testing is a growing controversy among those involved in the college application process.

  9. lmalexander1 says: The focus of technology in today’s generation is mostly negative, and we need to look at all the benefits that technology and social media has for our generation and drive the negative stereotype that it carries away.


    Islamophobia playing out in mainstream media is an emerging issue in contemporary feminism that needs attention.

  11. smarino92 says: the biggest issue in the mental health community is help coming too late, how can we expand the conversation to where people get help and feel accepted even though their illness tells them otherwise?

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