Read & Respond week 16 – Best of US!

December 4, 2016

Here it is: Your final read & respond! This one will be easy. You’ll be assessing your own work, based on the material you provided me. Based on the following examples, you’ll be voting (via this Google Forms ballot) on the following categories:

Group Blog Honors

Note: You can’t vote for your own group unless otherwise indicated

The Groups (group-selected posts are linked):

The Categories

1. Best Post on a Group Blog (can’t vote for your own post, but can vote for a post by your group)

2. Most Improved Group Blog

3. Best Group Blog Overall


Personal Blog Awards

Note: You can’t vote for yourself

The Personal Blogs (best posts provided by you)

Lydia Alexander Post 1 Post 2
Brittany Angus Post 1 Post 2
Jaz Brown Post 1 Post 2
Alexa Ciattarelli Post 1 Post 2
Clarissa Cottrill Post 1 Post 2
Ryan Decker Post 1 Post 2
Kameron Duncan Post 1 Post 2
Carolina Lewis Post 1 Post 2
Sarah Marino Post 1 Post 2
Michala McCullough Post 1 Post 2
Andrew Perez Post 1 Post 2
Carly Perez Post 1 Post 2
Jay Rudolph Post 1 Post 2 
Bobby Surella Post 1 Post 2
Sasha Tarabanova Post 1 Post 2

The Categories

1. Best Post on an Individual Blog

2. Most Improved Personal Blog

3. Best Personal Blog Overall


Nominate another blogger for a “Most/Best ____” category (e.g., Best use of GIFs, Most Likely to Proofread Everyone’s Work)

Nominate yourself for something at which you think you excel (e.g., Best Interviewer of Homeless Persons) or perhaps are notorious for (e.g., Most Likely to Get Caught Texting)

The usual deadline applies, but you don’t have to respond as a comment. Instead, complete the ballot on Google Forms by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4.