Read & Respond week 6: Mobility

February 9, 2017

Here’s a vivid thought from @GeorgeBray on that everpresent device in your hand.

The concept of Mobile First is informing considerable mass media practice. One of the up-and-coming areas in mobility is wearable technology, and some newsrooms are looking for ways to incorporate it. Its poster child was once Google’s Glass, whose “failure” we’ve discussed in class.

Do you find this fascinating, or do you want to slap the guy? The company pulled the plug on Glass in early 2015, but it was one of the heralds of today’s Internet of Things, that network of stuff that tracks and communicates the details of our lives. Including things like FitBit and Amazon Echo, the IoT is steadily invading daily life (and it’s always listening). Take a look at this Motley Fool prediction piece for 2017 – it’s techy, so skim, but note the overall message: Businesses like IoT, so you’re only going to see more of it.

Naturally, there are naysayers to any new technology…

So how do you see wearable tech influencing the future of mobility? Be sure to post your response to Briggs and the readings as a comment to this post by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, February 12.