Pitching Your Group Blog Ideas

For the final third of the semester (weeks 11-15), you will be creating, promoting and maintaining focused group blogs. In preparation, and to identify similar interests, each of you will propose a group blog concept and a list of potential stories. I’ll use these to determine group assignments, which we’ll go over next week. You’ll be reading through some group blogs on the sidebar for next week’s read and respond, so you might want to get a head start on those now.

Post a comment (to this post) with a pitch for a group blog concept by 10 a.m. Wednesday, February 22. This must contain the following:

  • A one-paragraph description of a group blog concept focused on some aspect of Morgantown life (no activities calendar blogs!). Other regions (e.g., West Virginia; other cities) can also be your focus as long as you’re able to cover them.
  • At least FIVE story ideas. Use complete sentences and address why this story matters. For example: “A few years back, downtown Morgantown saw an explosion of eCigarette shops, but today many of these have closed. Is vaping on its way out?”

In addition, read through the comments by 11:59 p.m. Friday, February 24. Post comments to TWO concepts that you’d be interested in contributing to (more than two is fine), and let the creator know what you’d bring to the table.

51 Responses to Pitching Your Group Blog Ideas

  1. Rebecca Toro says:

    Group Blog Ideas
    1.Morgantown problems
    Although I am doing my current blog on College Problems, I can narrow down to local issues within the community. I can bring light to problems students have, find out what people are doing about it, and help inform the community on these problems.

    There are a variety of topics that feminism can cover. Feminism is equality of the sexes and there is so much inequality in the world. I can cover issues on harassment on campus, on the impact of the Women’s March, on body image. It’s endless!

    Entertainment lies all over the Morgantown area. From clubs, to music venues, to on campus plays, concerts, and more. I can cover these events and get a feel for how the community responds to these activities.

    4.Food Places
    Morgantown is filled with a ton of local businesses. Some are successful, some are failing. I want to cover these places, talk to business owners. I want to get their story, why they chose here, their theme, how they’re doing. Behind a local business is a story to be told.

    Art is all over, and in Morgantown. From pole dance, to fitness, to physical art, to music. I can cover it all and bring light to the amazing world of art within this community.

    • aaaaaargh says:

      Rebecca, you need to choose ONE topic – make it more specific than “Art” – and come up with five potential posts for it.

      • Rebecca Toro says:

        Oh okay. My bad. Here is the revised version:
        Feminism. There are a variety of topics that feminism can cover. Feminism is equality of the sexes and there is so much inequality in the world. I can cover issues on harassment on campus, on the impact of the Women’s March, on body image. It’s endless!
        1. Harassment on campus. Though further research I can find out a commonality between this issue and college students. I can interview students and get their perspective on the issue.
        2. Mental health. It is super important for anyone, especially as a college student to have good mental health. I can take on why students have deteriorating mental health, if it is because of stress, or home life.
        3. Self-Image. Why does society get to justify what is beautiful and what is not? I want to interview students on their ideals of beauty.
        4.Body image. A follow up on the self-image ideals. Why do people get “fat” and “skinny” shamed? How can we change societies views?
        5. What feminism is. A lot of people in this world, including students have these bad ideals of what this is. It’s equality of the sexes, not some crazed female empowerment group. I want to inform and maybe change some views.

    • mglamastro says:

      For a group blog I would like my group to focus on health– this is a broader concept that is applicable to the whole state, or can be narrowed down to the University between or even within various posts. Last semester I took JRL 428-J which focused on food access in West Virginia, and along with my group I could expand on the information I found in that class. West Virginia struggles with obesity and type-2 diabetes, along with poverty, which without a doubt affects food access and health, so that is why it is a relevant issue specifically in this state.

      Post ideas:
      1. Campus dining halls– what are they doing, if anything, to combat the obesity/type-2 diabetes problem?

      2. Elementary schools– what are they doing, if anything, to teach children healthy habits from a young age?

      3. Alcohol consumption– at a so-called “party school” this is especially relevant. Alcohol itself is caloric and fattening, not to mention, its often mixed with sugary soda/juices and often leads to unhealthy late night snacks. I would like to examine the effects alcohol/the “party lifestyle” has on a college student’s body.

      4. Exercise– though it can relieve stress, many students avoid it and unwind in other ways, such as binge watching TV shows, grabbing drinks or junk food with friends, etc. I would like to examine why students at WVU specifically do not feel inclined to exercise, and what the University and the students themselves can do to improve these conditions.

      5. Restaurant/grocery store options– there are definitely healthy options in Morgantown, but they are typically off the beaten path and/or pricey. I would like to talk to residents and find out how they access food in Morgantown, what they would change if they could, what problems they encounter accessing food, etc.

      — Madalyn LaMastro

      • mglamastro says:

        I accidentally posted this as a comment to Rebecca’s post– I’m sorry about that! I would redo it but I cannot figure out how to delete this one!

      • I would totally like to expand on what we learned in the food justice class last semester! The people writing for that blog could interview people in FRN. I like your idea about talking to people in the dining halls.

  2. Cara Devenney says:

    The blog idea that I would be interested in doing would be stress and anxiety among campus and what resources our college offers to use to help reduce it. There are many things that can cause a college student to feel stress: exams, studying, work, being an athlete, planning your days, money, maintaining a social life, the course-load, etc. WVU offers resources that can help students reduce their stress and help them get their life somewhat together (haha)! WVU is a very big campus, and many students do not know about a lot of the things the college offers to help make students feel like their lives are a little bit easier.

    1. The Carruth Center offers counseling sessions where you can talk to a professional about your stress and anxiety, and not many students know that they have free sessions.

    2. Students are always cramming information last minute in their minds to memorize, but taking breaks between studying is beneficial for your brain to be able to regroup and focus.

    3. Exercising is great for relieving stress because not only can you release all of that frustration during your workouts, but exercising releases serotonin in your body, making you feel better about yourself.

    4. Last year around midterms and finals, I remember receiving e-mails about petting dogs to relieve stress. It would be fun to cover the reasons why this may actually work!

    5. The importance of sleep and eating. I feel like a lot of college students forget about these two things…you know, the two most important things a human needs to cooperate!

    • aaaaaargh says:

      This seems a little too focused on lifestyle recommendations. Can you come up with something more connected to a specific community and its issues and interests?

    • I find interest in this idea because I feel that a lot of people struggle with anxiety especially during their collegiate years. Additions I would make would be able regarding doing things around the Morgantown area that will help students enjoy their free time and take their mind off of big stresses in their lives.
      As an example, The Poky Dot: This diner in Fairmont has suddenly become very popular among students. Creating an article around this can tie in the important of taking time for yourself and also how foods (sugary milkshakes (: ) can help relieve some stress and anxiety.

      • Rebecca Toro says:

        Coming from a student with anxiety. I do find WVU very helpful. I get accommodations and have visited the Carruth center. This can be an informative and helpful blog for those students facing these issues and are unsure of what to do. Getting a students perspective of how they deal with Anxiety on a daily basis with the stress of school and life would be interesting. Mental health is super important and can get difficult during these college years.

  3. lindseybaatz says:

    1)Living in Morgantown with Dietary Restrictions
    -I know a few students that cannot eat gluten. They find it difficult at WVU, especially in dining halls to find options for them to eat. I’m sure this is also difficult to find gluten-free options around Morgantown.
    -There are a few vegan store in the area, however there is a lack of restaurants, and options in the dining halls. Veganism is growing in popularity, and WVU might need to start accommodating these students.
    -Lactose intolerance is another growing issue today. It is hard to find any sort of junk food that is not smothered in cheese. It would be interesting to see where students with this issue get their food from.
    -Peanut allergy is a serious issue for students as well. During special occasions, WVU will have vendors in the Mountainlair that serve peanuts, and put a warning on the door. Does this mean some students cannot enter the Lair that day?
    – WVU hosts many international students. Some religions do not allow consumption of certain meats, caffeine, alcohol, etc. How do these students cope with these dietary restrictions with a student body that mainly runs on caffeine and alcohol?

    2) Spring in Morgantown
    -Morgantown offers many activities as the weather gets warmer for adventurer seekers. (So spring as in the season, and “spring in your step” from adventures in Morgantown…I tried)
    -The WVU Outdoors club is not as well-known as I feel they should be. They host many kayaking, hiking, and rafting trips. This is a community the group blog can talk about, and possibly grow that community.
    -Morgantown has many different hiking and biking trails around the city. Some of these are unknown to the community.
    -Coopers Rock is more than a great photo backdrop. The blog can talk about the history of Cooper’s Rock, and why it’s important.
    -WVU is more than just a party school. Adventure WVU offers weekend trips camping, rafting, hiking, etc. We could talk about this community of students.

    • aaaaaargh says:

      The dietary restrictions concepts sounds like something with some good, specific potential and a built-in community. How can this become something with enough timely (non-recommendation) stories to cover five weeks?

    • I would be comfortable contributing to the dietary restrictions concept. I would highlight areas around Morgantown that specialize in certain restrictive lifestyles. An idea I would consider writing about would be able to gluten free section/vegan section in Kroger. Explaining why it is separate from other foods and what is offered.

      • I’d try to focus on restaurants around town that cater to vegans. I think Black Bear has a lot of meals that do this or even focus on easy alternatives. I know that an alternative to cheese can be made by crushing specific nuts and blending it with soy/almond milk and all of the ingredients can be found in any organic section, especially Kroger.

  4. Expand your work out routine around Morgantown. Many people can’t stick to one
    1. Cooper’s Rock hike – trails, parking, views, challenge
    2. Zenergy Cycling – new, times, location
    3. Morgantown Zumba Fitness – availability, benefits
    4. Suncrest Yoga – kind of yoga, classes, size of classes, comparison to other yoga centers
    5. CrossFit Ridgeline – membership vs. classes
    All of these places could be used as a suggestion for fun and different ways to work out around the area. We can use reviews and interviews to advance the group blog and make it more media based.

    • lindseybaatz says:

      This is similar to the ideas I was coming up with. I think there are a lot of options to be active around campus that many students are not aware of.

    • Cara Devenney says:

      I think this is a great idea. I am from Philadelphia and am a transfer student therefore I am not really familiar with WV and what the town has to offer. I like to add exercises into my daily schedule, but now that the weather is getting nicer I want to do more activities outside so I think this would be a fun blog to do!

    • I love this idea. I also thought of a fitness theme. I have some connections around town as well.

  5. lindseybaatz says:

    I came up with another idea to somewhat combine my other ideas I already posted. (I like this idea a lot more)

    Morgantown Misfits

    A misfit is a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others. We are all a misfit in our own way. Each member of the group blog can have their niche and focus on different “misfit” communities in Morgantown. (I think this could work as long as the communities don’t take offense to being called a misfit) The angle of each post could be what makes that community stand out from the ordinary.

    -Adrenaline Junkies: Where does this community of adventurers seek out thrill in Morgantown?

    -Vegans: Does this community struggle to find satisfying meals on a college campus?

    -Marching band/drumline: A look inside of what it really means to be a part of The Pride of West Virginia.

    -Young Democrat: What it’s like to be a young democrat in a traditionally red state. (This could even be flipped for what it’s like to be a republican at a large state school)

    -“Sober” student: A look at what it is like to not “party” at one of the top party schools in the country

    In my mind, a misfit is a positive term. So as long as it’s generally viewed in a positive way this blog could reach many communities.

  6. Morgantown: Filling your free time while confined to a budget

    1. Hovatter’s zoo : with this posting I’d like to focus on the zoo’s history and the events, animals and opportunities that are offered, as well as pricing for the experience (obviously).

    2. Senneca Center: Many local businesses are nestled within this one, long, building. It sits beside the rail trail/Beechurst and is often neglected. There is a tea shop, bicycle store and repair shop, soap shop, clothing stores, haircuttery, etc. located in this one center. Many of the stores are kind of pricey, but places such as the Teashoppe have a discounts everyday through an app called Hooked and their prices aren’t high to begin with.

    3. Frienship Hill is a family friendly park that has multiple trails and hiking paths. Many people are familiar with Cooper’s Rock, but this is a beautiful alternative.

    4. The metropolitan theater has performances that are often by locals and the prices are reasonable for many shows. Currently they charging $10 for Chris Allen’s show where he will be performing funk- infused hip-hop.

    5. West Virginia Botanic Garden is a fun activity and offers not only a tour, but also workshops and lessons.

    • Ashley Conley says:

      I really like this concept. I think it’s so important, as college students, to stay within a budget because most of us really don’t have that much money or make that much money while in college. I think there’s so many ways to stay within a budget and so many fun things to do out there that don’t cost much or are free that people may not know about so there would be lots to cover with this blog idea.

  7. Historic Morgantown, More than A College Town

    I would like to Blog about the historical significance of Morgantown’s many sites and local businesses. Since WVU is the main attraction for the city a lot of it’s lesser known relics get over looked or forgotten about by the general population. By talking about some unrelated university historical sites maybe I can help show that Morgantown has a lot of historical importance off of campus. I would still like to talk about some university related topics but I want to keep a bigger focus on things not related to the university.

    1. Oldest local restaurant – Since most students eat at the Mountainlair or a dining hall little is known about the many local restaurants around town. Maybe doing a story about one of the oldest eateries would make people want to check it out.

    2. Historical Impact of Morgantown’s immigrants and minorities – a blog about how immigrants and minorities have marked there mark on this city could help show the diversity of this town outside of the students that attend the university.

    3. History of the Mountineer Man – What is the historical significance of the Mountaineer Man and what is his importance to the city of Morgantown.

    4. Historical Evolution of the campus – How the campus of WVU has changed over time. A rundown of the oldest to newest buildings and how the campus has expanded over time.

    5. Historical sites of Morgantown – Do to the university being here a lot of Morgantown’s natural historical sites are overshadowed. highlighting some cool yet not well known sites can he reiterate that Morgantown has plenty of history off of campus for people to enjoy.

    • lindseybaatz says:

      I would like to collaborate on this idea, I love history and I think it’s important to create awareness of our campus’ past.

    • Clutter Mama says:

      I like this idea. Morgantown has been my families home at least back to my great-grandparents. It would be interesting to dig into the history and learn something new!

    • Laura Andrea says:

      I’m really intrigued by this. Morgantown has to have had a past before WVU and I’m interested in exploring that. A photo series of buildings then and now would be particularly interesting and impactful when seeing how Morgantown has changed through the years.

  8. zamuhammad says:

    An idea that I came up with (maybe) is the nightlife of Morgantown. Talking about the funny things that you’d see downtown and the not so funny things. In true honestly what WVU student has not gone through any of these things.

    1. The dangers of the Nightlife. We can talk about how there have been shootings and stabbings and places being over capacity but no one cares.

    2. Uber saves lives. Maybe thats a little to over-dramatic but honestly! Uber just came to Morgantown and its great! Although the freaking surge charges after the clubs end are ridiculous.

    3.Harrassment. Every girl has been there, boys in the clubs are usually grouping every single girl that passes.

    4. Hot dog stand. The hot dog stand downtown will never go out of business! Everyone buys those hot dogs, and even though it is a little sketchy I think almost everyone that goes out knows the hot dog man outside of Lotsa Motsa.

    5. Club lines. Like really, they make us stand in line for hours to get in and realize that it is the worst night out. Nobody is in the club (rarely) and we’ve been waiting in the rain or cold for hours. Is it worth it.

    • Rebecca Toro says:

      I like your idea of nightlife in Morgantown. It would be cool to interview students on their perspective of nightlife. Do they go out? What do they do? What problems do they face? I think harassment is a HUGE problem that needs to be brought to the surface. It would be informative for all students. The club lines are the WORST, maybe as a group blogger, we could figure out solutions to make the night worthwhile.

    • Think this idea is pretty neat. I would like to collab on this blog idea.

    • miaswanegan says:

      As we all know, nightlife is a huge part of WVU/ Morgantown and it’s something that my friends from other schools have even asked me about, it’s something we are kind of known for! Your ideas are super great and relevant so if i were able to be apart of this it would be a lot of fun going further into it. Harassment is a big issue and that’s why we always stick with the buddy system (at the least). All of your other suggestions are neat so this would be something really fun to do.

  9. My idea for a blog is West Virginia Health. West Virginia is one of the worst states for the obesity epidemic. We also have the highest use of opioids in the country. However, we also have two award-winning hospitals here in Morgantown and growing health movements throughout the state. The blog would focus on the health of the state and its movements.

    1. Zenergy Cycling is a fitness movement that begin in Charleston, WV. It now has expanded to other locations such as Morgantown.

    2. In 2012, the obesity rate in West Virginia was 32.5%, but in 2016 that number was 35.6%.

    3. The BOPARC Senior Recreation Center in Morgantown aims to get retirees active.

    4. There is a national nursing shortage that recently reached Ruby Memorial.

    5. WVU is opening health clinics in rural regions around the state.

  10. Clutter Mama says:

    I think a good group blog could highlight the local business scene. This has the potential to uncover hidden gems, and possibly even boost sales at local businesses. If I were part of it, I would obviously have a different perspective than a student who lives on campus. If the group consisted of students who all live in different areas of town, several different perspectives could be possible. Each week different categories could be chosen and a different perspective provided by each author.
    1. Food is a part of our lives no matter where we are. The group could talk about their favorite local restaurant that is not a chain and is locally owned.
    2. We are all so used to running to Target or the mall if we need something to wear. We could highlight local clothing stores that we love. This might include boutiques or consignment shops.
    3. Along the lines of shopping, specialty shops line downtown and are scattered throughout town. Each member could show a little more personality by writing about their favorite specialty shop.
    4. Local hair salons and barber shops are a big part of any town. Morgantown is no exception. We could each convey the experience of our salon or barber and why we go there.
    5. Souvenirs are big business in Morgantown. Each author could seek out-of-the ordinary souvenirs available from local artisans.

  11. dshedrick says:

    My idea for a group blog would be how WVU students stay involved and keep busy, and how they balance that in their daily lives. I personally work two jobs during the semester, so I’m usually working around 30 hours a week in addition to taking 18 credit hours, this semester at least. I have wanted to claw my eyes out more times than I can count. I’m not sure if other students have had this experience, so I figured it might be better to broaden the overall scope of the group blog to just general things that keep students busy that they must balance, as opposed to keeping it simply how students balance work and literally everything else. If it needed to be more exact, it could be slimmed down that way though.
    1. My area of expertise, how students with jobs balance their lives, or how working affects their lives during school. It would be easy to bring in current statistics about this and even include some of the resources WVU has for students to gain employment.
    2. Volunteering. I know a lot of pre-medical field students have to log a ton of volunteering or shadowing hours. This time commitment can be difficult with their difficult course load, so that would be interesting to touch on. Another facet could be talking about how they got into these experiences and how interested students could too.
    3. Student organizations. WVU has over 400 student orgs and starting them is super easy (obviously). It would be interesting to talk to some presidents or other elected officials in popular students organizations (I’m thinking Maniacs and SGA or some other super in your face org), and how that responsibility affects them. Again, we could talk about the benefits and drawbacks of being involved in this way.
    4. Greek life. This is an area that can take up a ton of a student’s time but can also provide a valuable network for them. A lot of students who aren’t in Greek life don’t really know what all goes on with it, and students who are interested in joining might want an inside look as to what is expected of an active member of a sorority or fraternity. This could be a multi-post in that there are different kinds of Greek life (social versus professional, sorority versus fraternity, etc).
    5. Staying busy over breaks and during the summer. This would be a good internships or even study abroad post, and it could be a multi post as well. A lot of students don’t realize how many diverse options there are to gain experience in this way, and they definitely don’t realize how much pressure there is to keep summers and breaks filled with enriching activities. Again, we could go over not only the impact, but also how to get these kinds of experiences.

  12. Ashley Conley says:

    A topic that I think could be interesting for a group blog would be sports around Morgantown. And I don’t mean collegiate sports, but rather club/intramural or sports for leisure. A lot of students at WVU like to play sports, some of them organized and others are just fun with friends (like a pickup basketball game or kicking a soccer ball around on the green). Sports for leisure can affect students in many ways and make their experience at college a more positive one.
    Some ideas:

    1. Students participate in sports for leisure as a way to reduce stress. How do these sports/activities relieve stress and allow students to blow off some steam?
    2. Sports for leisure on a college campus is a great way to meet new people. If someone wanted to join you and your friends while tossing a frisbee or throwing a baseball, would you say yes? Probably! I see students engaging in leisure sport activity around campus almost daily.
    3. Can participating in a club/intramural sport or regular leisurely sports while in college help students perform better academically?
    4. Club/intramural/leisure sports allow students who couldn’t go on to play collegiate sports to fulfill their love for the game – obviously not everyone who plays high school sports and wishes to continue at the next level makes it there. Other sport options on a college campus can allow these students to still participate competitively or just for fun without the time commitments/stress that comes with playing collegiately.
    5. Club/intramural/leisure sports can help students live an active, healthy lifestyle while in college – college students tend to get too busy, eat terrible foods and skip on exercising. How do these sport activities impact the health and fitness of the average college student?

  13. Cayla Nolder says:

    I think a West Virginia adventure (name it something else so it’s not affiliated or confused with WVU adventure) blog would be fun to write. I love the outdoors and West Virginia is beautiful and presents many opportunities for an outdoorsman.Furthermore, perhaps the group to work on this type of blog could go experience some of the outdoor activities or places we write about.

    1. River sports such as rafting, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, tubing, etc. What’s the peak season and what do consumers value the most from the list above? What crazy incidents have happened recently with river sports?

    2. Hiking trails is a great way for people to get outside, exercise and explore. What other hiking trails besides Coppers Rock exist and why are they more uncommon? What are the health benefits of hiking, mentally and physically?

    3. Rock climbing is a major attraction up at Coppers Rock. You can go hiking and see tons of rock climbers, some brave enough to boulder (aka free climb). What drives rock climbers to climb with no gear? Is it the adrenaline rush? Do they have a death wish? How often do the condition their bodies to be able to perform such stunts? Where are the best climbs located in West Virginia?

    4. ATV riders would be fun to post about. Where are the best mudding places in West Virginia? What ATV trails are near Morgantown?

    5. Horseback riding through the wilderness. Exploring the risk factors that exist when riding horses. What type of liability waivers are signed? Would a trail ride be good therapy because it’s a combination of therapeutic activities?

  14. Haley says:

    Family Life In Morgantown
    I know most of us come here for college, but we must remember outside of the students, families live here too. Whether it is a professor with her dogs or a family with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids, families also help generate income in Morgantown. They hold jobs and send their kids to school. For this group blog, I would like to better understand the family aspect of Morgantown and figure out what families think of living in a college town.

    1. Morgantown is more than just a college town. With three high schools in Monongalia county, what is family life like for people who thrive in a college town?

    2. There are more places to live and rent besides large apartment complexes and run down attic apartments. How do families choose location when deciding to live in Morgantown away from the students?

    3. Morgantown holds a historical significance to West Virginia. What were some of the old suburbs like South Park like back in the day?

    4. Some families live in Morgantown, but work elsewhere. Where are these families regionally working? Does Morgantown provide a middle point to job locations in Preston and Marion County? Do some even drive to Pennsylvania each day?

    5. There can be quite an age gap between 18-year-old college freshman and a 35-year-old mom with three kids. What are some concerns of these families living in a college town? Do they enjoy Morgantown? Are they ever annoyed with how young Morgantown is population wise?

    • I really like your topic and ideas so far. You could even talk about how the university has transformed the city and how much the city is supported by the university. Would the city still be thriving without the university? There are a lot of town remnants that are on the outskirts of town that didn’t thrive enough to remain active.

    • Clutter Mama says:

      I like this idea Haley. I feel like I have a different perspective on things than most in the class because I was born and raised in Morgantown, and I have a family. I feel like I could provide an audience based on my network of friends that have been in Morgantown all of their lives, and from those who have moved away.

      I also currently live in Preston county and could possible reach out to find people that commute to work from Preston county to Morgantown or vice-versa.

  15. I think a blog about urban legends in Morgantown/West Virginia would be really interesting. Just about everyone likes to listen to stories or read about urban legends, so I think it would be fun to share both the well-known and unknown tales.

    1. The Mothman is a given. Most people know about the Mothman, but I think it would be interesting to include stories from people who have claimed to see the Mothman, or those who have lived in Point Pleasant. It would be cool to get their perspective on a story based out of their hometown.

    2. I didn’t hear about the Flatwoods Monster until about a year ago, so I’d wager that a lot of other people haven’t heard the story. Just what is the Flatwoods Monster?

    3. The Ghost Cow of Woodburn. Is Woodburn really haunted by a ghoulish cow?

    4. What is an abbagoochie? It’s apparently a creature resembling a cross between an owl, a fox, and a deer, and it may be connected to a string of disappearances in WV in the early 2000s.

    5. SASQUATCH. Not just a nickname that Dr. Pressgrove has decided to give me. A sasquatch was spotted in Snowshoe. It’d be fun to show people the video and get their opinion on it.

  16. Graduates in Morgantown: Takes from people on their way out the door.

    I feel this has potential to be an interesting blog concept. To talk to people who are upcoming graduates and get their thoughts on it or stories from their time at WVU. Ask them what they would have done differently or what they wish they would have done.

    1. A letter to my freshman self: I think this could be all sorts of feedback. I think a lot of people would like to go back to their freshman self hanging out in a dorm room with no worries and give them some advice or tell them to do something differently.

    2. Best memory at WVU: This is another post that could be all sorts of feedback. Basically everyone has done different things here at West Virginia so it would be cool to see the contrast on what people believe to be their best memory from West Virginia.

    3. My team broke my heart: Any student who has been here for atlas 4 years knows that WVU has been on the wrong end of some heartbreaking loses. The quick demise of the 2012 team, the TCU game-day loss, last week at Kansas, or losing in the first round of the tournament last season. Those are just some examples I’m sure their are more that people could have a take on.

    4. Study sanctuary: Many students have different ways of studying and different places to study. Some like sound, some like quiet, and some don’t study at all. It would be interesting to see all of the different places and ways people have studied to help them get to where they are today.

    5. A thank you letter to a professor: Along the way, we have all had a professor that really left a lasting impression on us. A thank you letter to a professor who may expect it or even not expect it would be a fun story idea for a graduate.

    • lindseybaatz says:

      I think this would be a really good reflection blog. All students would be interested in reading it. Some are graduating and want to reflect as well, and incoming students can learn more about what it is like to go to school at WVU.

    • Ashley Conley says:

      I think this would be a really cool group blog idea. Since literally every person who graduates from WVU has to have some sort of feelings about their experience, I think there are plenty of stories that could come from all of your ideas.

    • miaswanegan says:

      This is a really good idea. Like Lindsey said, it would help benefit the incoming students a lot. Reflection blogs are always something neat!

    • Cara Devenney says:

      This would be another blog I would be interested in contributing to because it is definitely hands on with students and also is a time-lapse of remembering all the great times you had here at college. I think this would bring in a large audience and a lot of people will chime in to share their experiences!

  17. Laura Andrea says:

    Morgantown of Color
    West Virginia is one of, if not the, whitest state of the United States. Morgantown being a college town has a bit more diversity, but still pales in comparison with other institutions. The blog would highlight the history of communities of color of Morgantown past, present and future.
    -A historical context, when did desegregation happen, what was it’s perception then and how far (or not) we’ve come
    -University sponsored events for things like Black History Month and Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month in comparison to other institutions.
    -Academic offerings concerning communities of color, are white professors teaching our history?
    -International students, is WVU truly open to all or is it just a diversity quota?
    -The imperative need for WVU to become a sanctuary campus in the current political climate.

  18. miaswanegan says:

    Weekend activities in and around Morgantown. Yes, there are things to do in Morgantown but there is only so much. Once you feel you have done everything possible here, go to places beyond. Pittsburgh isn’t far from here so maybe highlight some places here.

    -To go out? Not to go out? the debate between going out on a Saturday night vs what you could do hanging in instead.
    – A classy turn of events. Morgantown has a couple of wine bars so maybe go more in depth with that and what they have to offer.
    – When in doubt, shop it out. Pittsburgh has some really great malls/ outlet malls around the area so maybe highlight some of the stores there as well as the bomb eating places.
    – Channeling your inner artist. People love going to art museums and acting like the know exactly what is going on/ depicting what painting artwork may mean.
    – Becoming one with nature. There are so many cool nature walks/lookouts between Morgantown and Pittsburgh so maybe highlight the over looks here vs in Pittsburgh, etc.

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