Read & Respond week 8: Group blogs past

In preparation for your group blogs (to be announced this week), you’ll be taking a look into the past. There’s no Briggs chapter for this week; instead, you’ll take a leisurely read through what has come before. Read the following:

First, read this:

1. Morgantown Problems (2013): This is one of the most engaged group blogs produced in this class, and I want everyone to have a look (especially the Panera post and its resulting comment thread).

Then, skim at least TWO other previous group blogs from this list:

Move-in Morgantown (2010)

MountainEats (2011)

The Eclectic (2011)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Morgantown (2011)

Graduation Preparation (2012)

A “J” in the Life (2012)

Mountaineers Connect (2012)

#gradschoolproblems (2012)

Morgantown Man Cave (2013)

Meet Me in the Mountain State (2015)

A Gentleman’s Guide to Morgantown (2015)

Wild But Not So Wonderful (2015)

Humans of Morgantown (2016 spring)

Morgantown Matters (2016 spring)

Morgantown Underground (2016 spring)

The New Motown (2016 spring)

Business of Morgantown (2016 fall)

Morgantown Notes (2016 fall)

Mountaineer Munchies (2016 fall)

West Virginia Sports (2016 fall)

Your response will focus on the blogs (Morgantown Problems and two others) and what they did. What are they about? Is there a clear focus? What are some of their strongest posts? Weakest? (yes, you have to pick one – be constructive) Finally, and most importantly, what would you have done differently, and how does that influence your own group blog plans? Your response is due as a comment to this post by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, February 26.

15 Responses to Read & Respond week 8: Group blogs past

  1. In addition to Morgantown Problems, the two other blogs I focused on were A Gentlemen’s Guide to Morgantown and A “J” in the Life. The first blog, Morgantown problems, appeared to be about relevant problems in morgantown and possible solutions to those problems. The second blog, A “J” in the Life, was about journalism and how it, has affected students, was being used in the media and in a broader focus, was being changed and refined in the College of Media as it pertained to certain events and programs. Lastly, A Gentlemen’s Guide to Morgantown, seemed to be like a survival guide or a breakdown of WVU culture and student life.

    I think all of these blogs had a clear focus and it didn’t take me long to get a grasp of what they were about. For Morgantown Problems I think that their strongest post was the one about the Hotdog Man Joseph Byrd. Their post was a great read and brought some emotion out of me. It made me want to learn more and see if there was some way to save this mans lively hood from being ruined.

    A gentlemen’s Guide to Morgantown’s best post was the one about the PRT specifically due to the supplemental material that they provided. The Hitler rage video about the PRT was hilarious.

    A “J” in the Life’s best post was the one where they interviewed David Ryan. His perspective on journalism is very encouraging and i think it helps to highlight the potential benefits of the major.

    In terms of weak posts I don’t think Morgantown Problems had any. All of the posts i read were meaningful and well researched and thought out. The same goes for the other two blogs. However I think A “J” in the Life could have used a bit more supplemental pics or videos to spice up their blog a bit. But other than that the content was pretty good.

    As far as doing something different I would try to have a good balance of pics, videos and quotes to help make my posts very immersive. I saw a good bit of usage of all things through out all three blogs but no one blog really had all three exclusively.

  2. When reading some of the articles that Morgantown Problems posted, I quickly caught onto their theme. It seemed as though it highlighted problems around the community but put a personal twist within each problem. For example, I really enjoyed the article about Birdman titled, “TONIGHT, THE HIGH STREET HOT DOG MAN COULD BE FORCED TO MOVE”. I like that it was originally a small article with a video about Birdman himself. It seems as though they produced the video which I think is even better. When they had more information, they went back and added to the article. The call to action at the end was great. I liked the personal touch. One of the articles I did not enjoy was the article titled, WHY SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY IS STUPID”. I felt this was a weaker article because their personal view point was more of a turn off to me. In the other articles it worked, in this one, it felt more insulting. I felt the title did not make me want to reach it because I felt it would be a rude article. Definitely not their strongest post.

    I decided to take a look at MountainEats because it was a similar idea to what I was hoping to work on in a group blog this semester. I realized they did more of review style and comparison work on this blog which seems to be something Dr. Britten asks us to stay away from. I didn’t necessarily enjoy the multiple videos about one food. Having the blog be called MountainEats, I expected more of a variety. The most recent posts all had to do with pizza and I was honestly tired of reading about pizza. I don’t think that is a smart tactic to cover the same type of material each post. Two I particularly enjoyed were the “Gelato in Morgantown” and “Treat Yourself: To an easy and exotic dinner!”. “Gelato in Morgantown” was a nice article that told about the little shop that is now no longer a Gelato place. It was interesting to learn about it. I thought it was informative and too the point. “Treat Yourself: To an easy and exotic dinner!” was different and fun because it was different then what they had been covering. The video footage, through extremely dated and not good quality, was informative and provided variety for their blog.

    The third blog I checked out was the Mountaineer Munchies blog. Like the previous blog, I looked at this one because I felt the name was similar to ideas I had for this assignment. I liked this blog better than MountainEats because of the variety it gave. It is a very similar blog, but the time frame in which is was produced makes a big difference. I particularly liked the article titled, “Football Feasts”, due to its mix of media within it. I liked the pictures and tweets that helped the article flow and prove points. It reminds me a lot of my personal blog for this class and how I use the media in my posts. The posts I didn’t enjoy as much were the multiple posts about what the athletes at WVU ate. Although it did fit the theme, I thought they were a little but unoriginal. I don’t feel that an article about the wrestling teams’ eating habits were necessary due to the fact that most wrestlers have a similar diet every where. Other than those though, I thought this blog was very well put together and mirrored something that I would like to produce for this class.

  3. Rebecca Toro says:

    Morgantown Problems:
    Their focus was very clear and they stuck with it. They covered a variety of topics, that we’re clear and well planned. They covered what students are curious about ex. Hot Dog man, which can keep a reader engaged. I really enjoyed how they incorporated videos. It shows the determination they had.
    The weakest post was the cheat sheet. I am guilty of running out of idea and posting a basic kind of “did-you-know” post. Their post on the “Black Friday Cheat Sheet” had a similar concept to just informing on information that can easily be found elsewhere. It just informs of shopping places in the area, not a very effective post. I really enjoyed their story on the “WVU Smoking Ban.” That is a problematic issue that people don’t really discuss. They brought light to the issue. Took the time to do a video interview with the Student Gov. Pres. I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I thought it was a good focus, and got a lot of coverage.
    My group and I could possibly do a follow up on that story. This post was written a year after the ban went into effect. We could cover the changes, the similarities, how our campus is since the ban.

    The New Motown:
    This blog had a cool concept of the underground art scene around Morgantown. It’s a unique concept with a clear focus. I liked their post about “Electric Forest,” only because it relates to me. It informed students of a community who goes to raves together. It shows how people from all over the country, go to a school & unite through music. The “We the people post” was the weakest only because we aren’t allowed to just do an interview blog post, it didn’t appeal to me. I liked this idea, I wouldn’t change the topic, it’s original and covers a lot.
    My group could do a post on the music scene and how it’s a community within itself but there are dangers as well. We could cover the dangers of harassment at concerts and the abuse of drugs.

    Morgantown Munchies:
    This blog focuses on food around campus. I enjoy it because I like food, and I like reading about it. This blog informs students of local businesses that serve food as well as what students like to eat. Their weakest post was the “WVU Men’s D1 Club Hockey Team.” Do people really care that much about what athletes eat? Same with the “WVU Singers and the Food They Eat.” Those seem kind of pointless in my opinion. Their stronger post was the “WVU Students and Their Pizza” post because who doesn’t love pizza? I like how it incorporated quotes for students on pizza. I enjoyed it. I would have gone with a different concept. It’s too easy of a topic, I like a challenge.
    My group and I couldn’t really do a post on this topic. The only relatable aspect is maybe covering eating disorders.

  4. Cara Devenney says:

    Morgantown Problems: This blog is about Morgantown and the problems the town faces on a daily/weekly basis. I think this blog is beneficial because it attracts an audience of people who love the town and want to know what is going on, and how to help. Reading the blog- there were many different types of things that they have wrote about and I can see why it became such a success! The layout is very easy to navigate and there is a lot of media such as pictures, maps, and videos. I liked their posts about the homeless in Morgantown because the group blog targeted the issue and came up with solutions.

    Humans of Morgantown: This blog is like ‘Humans of New York’ but WVU style. It focuses on students and faculty that the group found to be interesting and relevant. I love the layout of the blog and how it is set up to be pictures and the person’s name. I am a big fan of feature stories and love doing them therefore, this is why this blog stuck out to me. Some of the pictures are relevant to why the person is of interest, however some of them are not. Something that I would do differently is not only make the cover photo more on what makes the person super unique and important to WVU, but also to make the stories longer. I read Hilary’s story because she was in a few of my classes and see her around, but I felt like it needed to be longer and more about her experiences in life and how she got to WVU. Other then that I do think the blog is definitely of interest because it is always nice to learn about people because people are unique!

    Graduation Preparation: I am interested in this blog because I am in my final semester as a senior. I am not exactly preparing for graduation because I have no idea where to even begin, so I thought this was going to tell me. The blog, in my opinion, is mostly what to prepare yourself for after graduation rather than focusing on actual graduation. I know that is what us seniors have to think about however, I would of changed the name of the blog, or my topics to fit more of the description. The layout is easy to navigate and understand, but I think the posts need to be stronger because I feel like they are somewhat random. I did like the post about what people were saying on their last day of classes as a senior, because that is something I am looking forward to! The blog could use a little more color, and definitely more media.

    Looking at these three different blogs has influenced me to make sure that I have a clear focus, that I do not go off-topic, that I make the layout easy to read and navigate, and that I include a lot of media because people love looking at pictures, videos, and maps. I have to make the name of the blog relevant to the blog posts, because it would be annoying if I made that misleading.

  5. Morgantown Problems:

    This blog focuses on problems throughout Morgantown. Often the posts focus on solutions or better options than what is already being considered.

    Overall I think the blog does a good job sticking with the focus, but there are a few posts that trail off and don’t really seem to have a problem. The blog is also titled “Morgantown Problems”, but many of the posts focus on the university and not Morgantown. I understand that WVU is a huge part of Morgantown, but it is titled, “Morgantown Problems”, not WVU problems.

    Best: There were many good posts and it was hard to pick the best one, so I just chose one of my favorites. “Why Small Business Saturday is Stupid” stuck out to me because the title is jarring and once reading it, I really liked the fresh P.O.V. that I would never have considered. The post focuses on how Small Business Saturday is actually not healthy for small businesses and how it is actually making small businesses an after thought instead of a primary thought. This post was a good read and definitely gave me a new way of looking at Small Business Saturday.

    Worst: I thought the last post about the Cupcakerie was one of the weakest posts because it didn’t really seem to have a problem it was trying to solve other than Valentine’s Day dilemmas. The post seemed more like a puff piece for the business.

    Morgantown Man Cave:

    This blog was written by, for men. It was meant to highlight music, sports, video games, etc. that guys like and the places in Morgantown that cater to their needs and wants.

    I thought the blog was pretty good, but had a few hang-ups when it came to content. While the ideas for the posts were good, the delivery often fell short.

    Best: The Thanksgiving dinner post was one of my favorites because it was meant to help those who couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving or cook for themselves. The post gives three locations that were serving meals in the area. This post could have been used for readers that weren’t male so it reaches a broader audience and it is a useful post discussing an issue that many don’t often think about.

    Worst: The “Man-Approved Retailers” post seemed like it had potential, but once reading I thought that it dropped the ball as far as content and actual retailers. The post itself is very short and includes only three retailers in the area that are “man-approved”. When reading this, there wasn’t anything that really specified what made these shops “man-approved” other than the authors saying so.

    The New Motown:

    This blog focused on music in the Morgantown area and music that has impacted residents in the area.

    I thought this blog did a really good job with its posts and had a lot of content and interviews. A lot of the visuals were really well done and overall were nice to look at.

    Best: “Freak Show Sanctuary” This post focused on 123 Pleasant Street’s history and how the building came to be. An interview is used in the post which really helps create interest, especially when the writer of this post got to see the back rooms of 123 and shared photos of what he/she saw. This helped me feel like I was sharing in the experience.

    Worst: “What do Students Want” was a post focusing on what kind of music students would like to see in the local area, but the answer to the initial question was inconclusive, which makes the post unnecessary if an actual answer was never found. The interviews that they conducted were only with seven students on campus, which makes the results even worse. There weren’t enough participants surveyed to reach an accurate conclusion.

    After reading these blogs, I now know that when I work on our group blog we need to create posts with quality content that stay true to our mission and title and include fresh, new perspectives that will grab readers’ attention. A lot of these blogs take a small topic and put a spin on it, which I think is ideal for our group blog. Even if the topic is simple, it can always have a tighter focus.

  6. Morgantown Problems pointed out problems the town was facing at the time that people may not have thought about. From big problems like homelessness to more focused problems (like buying Valentines’ Day gifts locally.) It was a fun and informative blog.

    The best post I saw was about Panera on High St. I’m from Morgantown and remember being excited about the new location. This piece made me think that maybe that excitement was a mistake. The blog had a lot of great posts about things that are clearly issues. It was interesting for them to point out the negatives of something many were excited about.

    The worst post had to be the Cupcakerie one. It wasn’t awful, it’s just that with everything else they covered, this light little piece (it honestly seemed a little like an advertisement/ review) seemed out of place.

    I then looked at Mountaineats. My favorite post was about the Shift Ace pizza place. It was cool to get the blogger’s first impression about a restaurant. Some of the other places, it seemed like the spot was an old favorite. It was helpful that she walked readers through her experience, giving us what we should know about it with an investigative approach. Her suggestions to the restaurant were a nice touch.

    The worst post was the Wordle. I understand that they were trying to break away from the “pizza, pizza, pizza” theme they’d been on, but it seemed pointless. It was cool personal project that did, but they didn’t need to share. It was short and I as a reader got nothing really out of it. Maybe if you’d been really following the blog, you’d have a different opinion. For me, it didn’t need to be there.

    Lastly, I looked at Wild But Not So Wonderful. The title caught my eye right away as a West Virginian. The posts were very informative. My favorite would be the one about Beechurst Air Pollution. This is an important topic that isn’t talked about much. Whether you’re interested in the state or not, this should grab every one in Morgantown’s attention because it effects our health.

    The worst post I saw was about local climate change. It gave some general stats and made an interesting point about the local education about it, but I went into the post thinking I was going to get local facts and stats. I wanted to know specifically how climate change effects our area. This post just fell short of greatness to me.

    Now, I’ll be the first to admit that some of my blog posts have not been the greatest. The thing I was reminded of when looking at the blogs was to give your readers a reason to read. When it comes to post I didn’t like, it was about things that either I already knew and/or didn’t pertain to me as a reader. Group blogs should focus on everyone’s strengths, and you need to take your beat seriously to help the blog grow.

  7. miaswanegan says:

    Morgantown Problems had a clear focus on things happening right within the area. What is really neat about this blog is that it goes more in depth to focus on Diversity (or lack of) , updates to happen around town and campus as well as bringing light to the homeless and The WVU Rack. One of their stronger post was the one on The WVU Rack. I would say this one was strong because it used the resource of many links, photos and they even included a video they shot themselves. The article went in depth with how it started and what all we can do to help/ what items are needed. A weaker post on this blog page was Why Small Business Saturday is Stupid. I chose this one mainly because word choice for the title seems a little harsh, but other than that, they supported their reasoning with good evidence. Honestly it is hard to pick something that I would have done differently just because this group as a whole did well, they used good images, kept their page simple and I thought it was really cool how they had the date set up for each post.

    Mountaineats is a post about what there is to eat in Morgantown from actual food to sweets, pretty self explanatory. Something this post did well was inform everyone on all of the pizza places we actually have here. Before getting to this blog, I think I knew about 1 pizza place out of the ones they highlighted. What did confuse me though is the fact that I thought that this blog was all about pizza places until I go down toward the bottom and there was a random post about trying an easy and exotic dinner, sure it was neat but it just didn’t really fit in. Once thing I would suggest is to maybe make the page a little “brighter”, everything is just so dark with the grey and black colors. A post that I enjoyed was Gelato in Morgantown because I never really knew it was there. I have passed the establishment before but didn’t really know much about it and I’m curious to see if the pizza cone is a thing still. A weaker post was Treat Yourself: To an easy and exotic dinner! only because it was just a video and nothing else.

    A page that I really enjoyed was The New ‘Motown”. I really enjoyed this page because it was one of the more recent ones and it highlights some neat things. Morgantown is changing and evolving and this blog just highlights everything about that in the music/ art sense. Each post has a great about of detail to it with the article itself and the images or video that may be included within. A strong post was Morgantown at Electric Forest, I enjoyed this one because I learned something entirely new. I wasn’t aware before of there being an EDM located relatively close to Morgantown and I think that’s just cool. One that I wasn’t so fond of would be We The People and the only reason really is because of how it is laid out, the interview format, but the article itself was good. There isn’t a whole lot to improve on just because they highlighted so many different genres and did a good job of including images and detail.

    Having gone through all of these blogs along with this assignment, it gives me a good feel of what to go for with our group blogs that we are about to build up starting this week, if anything it makes me excited.

    • Haley says:

      Morgantown Problems blog focused on issues in Morgantown relating to students and residents. One of their strongest posts involved Panera Bread on High St. With 47 comments, post received a lot of negative and positive backlash alike. It was controversial as it explained why we should hate the new Panera on High St. One of their weaker posts was more of a business advertisments involving the Cupcakerie and Valentine’s day. The post received no comments & wasn’t relevant to the blog.
      The Graduation Preperation blog focused on upcoming WVU grads and the issues they face entering the job market and their futures. One of their stronger posts was about Graduation Blues and featured a video image and links about depression in college. One of their weaker posts was about senior basketball player Natalie Burton. The post focused more on an athelte’s academic and atheltic career rather than graduation.
      Mountaineer Munchies blog focuses on food that students and WV residents love. One of their stronger posts was “Football Feasts” & focused on the tailgating at a WVU football game. The post included media images of food and tweets from vendors and tailgaters. One of their weaker posts involved drunk breakfast at WVU and didn’t really provide much substance for such a long read. It related well to WVU students but not the entire WV Mountaineers.

  8. zamuhammad says:

    Morgantown problems: So this blog is obviously about Morgantown problems, but not always the most serious ones. Well, in the eyes of college students it can be serious, lol. I believe one of the weakest post was about the Hot Dog man. I think ever party goer knows about the hot dog man and I liked how they added a video to inform the readers more but maybe an opinion from him or opinions from students would be nice. Also, more information on the council meeting and an update on what the final say was. One of the strongest posts in my opinion the one about “what is in for students.” I like how it had bullets about the main things of WVU and what are the most popular things.

    West Virginia Sports: This blog page is about the WVU athletic environment and the sports at WVU. But honestly I don’t believe that there is a clear focus. Yeah, this blog page talks about sports but not really one thing specially. For instance, the blog is named WVU sports but one of the post were about fans reactions to the coliseum renovations. That really doesn’t have anything to do with sports. One post that I thought was weak was the one about student athletes getting special privileges. But talked about the facilities that athletes used and study hall. Which are perks of being a student athlete. Those are giving to athletes to make them better athletes and students. While people think athletes get special treatment, they still have to stay above a certain gpa excel in the classroom and at practice and go to every single class. A little more research needs to be done. I honestly don’t think any of these are strong because of the simple fact that they are only focused on two sports manly, football and basketball. Yeah, we know so much about them already because the media tells us but what about the sports that don’t receive that much publicity?

    Move in Morgantown: This blog is about “How to live in a college town”. This is one blog page that I actually liked. I liked this page because living in Morgantown is just “BLAH” if you know what I mean. If your living downtown you are probably in a kind off shitty apartment paying ridiculous prices just to be closer to campus. But this is like a guide to be a successful Morgantownian lol. One post that I thought was weak was the one about subletting in the summer, maybe they could have talked about different ways to sub-lease. Like, yeah we “can only” sub-lease with our land lords permission but does that really matter? It’s not like your landlord is an R.A and checks on you every day because honestly I never see my landlord. I wouldn’t be able to pick her out in a line up. Maybe just be a little more college for readers. Since when did college students pay attention to rules? One post that I did like was the one about moving into dorms. Before college I had no idea what to take and buy. I thought that blog was really cute and creative.

    Something that I will do differently would be try to engage more with my readers. Also, just put more information in my blogs so that the readers will actually be more informed once they finish ready my posts.

  9. dshedrick says:

    I’m really impressed with how much Morgantown Problems blew up! And it’s honestly super cute to see some of Whitney Godwin’s earlier work before she decided to grace us with her permanent presence in Martin Hall. This blog was about current issues that would affect the Morgantown community, like the new Panera Bread going in on High Street or WVU becoming a tobacco free campus. I think they stayed true to this focus for the most part. My favorite posts from them were the ones where they went out and actually interviewed Morgantown residents, like in “More to Morgantown.” I really enjoyed this post because I felt like it still rang true today, whereas the majority of their posts were more timely and therefore couldn’t be as relatable four years later. My least favorite post was “Black Friday: Is It Worth It?” To me, this post was too broad for the scope of this blog. I think the author was addressing the concept of Black Friday as a whole, rather than Black Friday within the Morgantown community. Other than those few small things, this blog seemed really well put together! The only thing I would do differently is make sure I wasn’t double posting on the same topic (Black Friday) and make sure I stay within my scope with my own group blog.
    I also looked at the Mountaineer Munchies blog. This blog aimed to cover different aspects of the Morgantown food scene, ranging from the options downtown to food diaries of various WVU athletes. They stayed very close to their focus and I thought they did a great job in capturing various aspects of food in Morgantown. I loved the post about the varying apps that are available to provide food deals to college students because I have wondered about the differences among them myself, and I liked the tailgate food post, too. The pictures made it cool. I did not like the post about how Taziki’s isn’t “real” Greek food, simply because it was just a weak topic. Honestly I think this blog did a great job. I would maybe consider doing more local posts rather than as many state-wide posts, but I think those have a place too when they are planned out.
    Finally, I looked at Meet Me in the Mountain State. This blog displayed different ways the culture of West Virginia could be explored and celebrated around the state, covering things from festivals to good places to ski. Their focus was very pinpointed. I loved their post about the Greenbrier because it was very beautiful and informative. I didn’t like their post about deer hunting in WV because it didn’t really delve into the culture as deeply as it could have. I think this blog could’ve been slightly more integrated into Morgantown, although it does work as a state wide blog, too. I might’ve tried to make the blog a little bit more relatable that way.

  10. I liked the style of writing in the “Morgantown Problems” blog. It had a journalistic edge that a lot of the blogs I’ve seen don’t have. For the Panera article, I would say that I normally don’t like listicles, but this one worked. I think it really made the reader think about the consequences of a chain restaurant opening in the hub of local eateries in Morgantown. This blog was the most well-written.

    The Dave Ryan interview in the “‘J’ in the Life” blog made me lol because I used to work with Dave. I liked his perspective of journalism, and I know that perspective helped me become a better writer. I think it would do a lot of j-school students good to read what he had to say.

    Maybe it’s because I’m also University staff, but I didn’t find anything in the “#gradschoolproblems” blog useful. A lot of the information seemed like it should have been common knowledge, particularly the post about research tools. I also hate the amount of blogs that put ‘problems’ in their title.

  11. lindseybaatz says:

    The thread of comments for Morgantown Problems was crazy! I guess people are really passionate about the restaurant scene here. There were some pretty harsh comments, especially for a student blog. This just goes to show you even though we are students, people still take our writing seriously. I think you can only write so much about problems in Morgantown until you get burned out from focusing on the negatives. I think the Black Friday post was the weakest, because I would only read that during the holiday season.

    I really liked the idea of ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Morgantown.’ I especially liked the post about the cab driver Alan Lindsay. I have used him as a taxi driver as well in the past. I guess the weakest post would be the podcast. Only because I am less likely to sit and listen to a podcast, rather than skimming through posts and choosing what I read.

    I also looked at “Morgantown Mancave” Clearly I picked the two blogs focused on gender. I think that could maybe be a cool idea to write about being a female in Morgantown. (there are plenty of girls in our class to do this!) The least successful post was the post about how to sign up for intramurals. All you really have to do to figure this out is a quick google search.

  12. Ashley Conley says:

    After reading some posts on the Morgantown Problems blog, I felt like it was a really well thought-out platform. The students really covered a lot of different angles and issues that really pertain to students and others who live on or near campus. I felt like, however, some of their posts were way too opinionated, which is fine on a personal blog, but was kind of off on a blog that covers students and residents in the local area. People don’t always want/care to hear about direct opinions, especially if they’re negative.

    For the West Virginia Sports blog, I thought it was pretty neat because I love sports, especially WVU sports. However, I feel like they only covered major topics. Everyone who follows WVU sports is going to already know about the Coliseum renovations because they probably follow websites that have media passes and do in-depth coverage from behind the scenes. Also, they probably already know about how the women’s soccer team is doing. These students could have dug a little deeper and tried to find topics revolving around WVU sports that the bigger news sources haven’t already covered.

    Lastly, Wild But Not so Wonderful was a great blog. I loved the topic and really felt like the students covered important subjects that people are probably going to care about. It’s almost difficult to find something negative about their blog. They used a lot of charts and graphs, included some social media posts and often gave us “what can we do about it?” ideas, which really made reading worth it. The only thing I could see improving would be maybe interviewing more students or residents directly and adding some local touch to their posts.

  13. WV Sports Morgantown and Beyond:

    I found the Article about the WVU coliseum very interesting and I had a lot to agree with and add on to. I agree with their post and think that the focus is very clear. However, I would have done this post a little different. I would have made the post more centered on the fact that it isn’t much of the faculties and accessibility of the coliseum that makes it annoying. The stadium itself just flat out sucks. Compared to stadiums of other major powerhouse schools, our stadium is horrible. The fans are way too far off the court and the student section needs to cover the entire bottom bowl like other schools do to make it much more intimidating.

    Being constructive I think it is important to note going forward with the group blog, that perhaps we can find an idea but then brainstorm as a group and find out multiple angles and opinions on the said problem.

    Morgantown Problems:

    I really the enjoyed the post on the influential people. It was very gutsy to make this post but I really respected it. The group definitely knew there would be some backlash over this post but they went for it anyway. I like how other departments got involved to voice their support. From the comments on the post it seems people were upset with the post but I think it was an excellent post that touched on an important topic that we are much more diverse than that list portrayed.

    Wild but not so wonderful:

    This was my favorite blog by far. I think it serves a good purpose rather than just being a personal blog. We are portrayed as wild and wonderful yet don’t seem to be taking the steps towards preserving the beauty that is the state of West Virginia. I mean people literally dispose of their tires in lakes. I think the Turkey post was one of the more weak posts on that blog and it could’ve added more information on other reasons why the season wasn’t happening and why it needed to come back. I really enjoyed the rest of that blog though.

  14. Clutter Mama says:

    I liked the Morgantown Problems blog. It opens up a conversation about many different issues throughout the city. I like that there are strong opinions in the posts. It creates engagement from those who agree or disagree, which is important to any blog.

    I also like the Humans of Morgantown blog because I feel like it was a different concept than most blogs. It had a visual aspect that isn’t common on many blogs. There is also some mystery behind the photos, because it is not clear what will be behind them until they are actually clicked. This may increase engagement if someone sees a photo that they are intrigued by.

    A down side to this is having to click each picture to find out any info. A reader may get tired of having to click each individual picture to get the story. Also, this blog may come across as “Here’s a person. Read about them” which could become boring.

    I also skimmed the Gentleman’s Guide to Morgantown, but I didn’t really see the relationship to Gentlemen. There were lots of posts about things in Morgantown, but I don’t think they were exclusively related to males. Perhaps a Student’s Guide may have been better.

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