Group Blog Teams (spring 2017) – UPDATED with full groups

February 27, 2017

UPDATE (3/1/17): Full groups have been finalized and are listed below. Blogvengers Assemble!

Sorting for your spring 2017 group blog teams is now in progress! I went through your existing blogs and the comments you left on last week’s assignment to sort you by complementary interests, styles, and so on. The more detail you provided, the better a fit I was likely to find.

Below are the seeds for our four teams. Each team currently has TWO assigned editors and up to three open spots. If you were in class, you conducted interviews with these assigned editors; if not, you need to get in touch with THREE of them by noon on Tuesday, Feb. 28, with a proposal for a post at their blog (the concepts are pretty broad right now, so you can find something you think might fit). The two assigned editors (make sure you’ve gotten in touch in advance if one of you missed class) must then submit to me a ranked list of their top five choices by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Group 1: Morgantown of Color / Diverse lifestyle and experiences

  • Laura
  • Mateo
  • Denali
  • Jackie

Group 2: Nightlife and Business Issues

  • Zaakira
  • Rebecca
  • Carly
  • Haley

Group 3: WV Health

  • Madalyn
  • Aishina
  • Rachel
  • Cara
  • Mia

Group 4: Adventure and Entertainment

  • Cayla
  • Ashley
  • Lindsey
  • Steven
  • Shannon


Group Blog Planning Assignment #2

In Wednesday’s class, you’ll be meeting to work out the initial details of whatever it is you’ll be doing for the final five weeks of the semester. On Wednesday, March 15 (the Wednesday following Spring Break), your group will present its concept to the class along with several specific story pitches. As a group, you will print and submit the following as a (stapled) six-page packet:

  • Page 1: The title of your blog and a detailed description
  • Pages 2-5: One page from each member with ten one-sentence story pitches. These must be complete sentences that underline why we should care and suggest potential sources.
  • Page 6: A tentative posting schedule (Monday-Thursday) for the final five weeks of the semester.

All this material can be changed, but you must have it in hand at the START of Wednesday’s class (or the group will receive a deduction). I recommend collaborating together in Google Docs so you don’t all have to be together at the same time. NOTE: Don’t create an actual blog on WordPress yet – that comes later.