Read & Respond week 6: Group Blogs Past

In preparation for your group blogs (into which you’ll be sorted this week), you’ll be taking a look into the past. There’s no Briggs chapter for this week; instead, you’ll take a leisurely read through what has come before. Read the following:

First, read one of these:

Morgantown Problems (2013) or Morgantown Nightlife (2017). These are two of the most engaged group blogs produced in this class, and I want everyone to have a look (especially Morgantown Problems’ Panera post and its resulting comment thread).

Then, skim at least TWO other previous group blogs from this list:

Move-in Morgantown (2010)

MountainEats (2011)

The Eclectic (2011)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Morgantown (2011)

Graduation Preparation (2012)

A “J” in the Life (2012)

Mountaineers Connect (2012)

#gradschoolproblems (2012)

Morgantown Man Cave (2013)

Meet Me in the Mountain State (2015)

A Gentleman’s Guide to Morgantown (2015)

Wild But Not So Wonderful (2015)

Humans of Morgantown (2016 spring)

Morgantown Matters (2016 spring)

Morgantown Underground (2016 spring)

The New Motown (2016 spring)

Business of Morgantown (2016 fall)

Morgantown Notes (2016 fall)

Mountaineer Munchies (2016 fall)

Conserve the Wild and Wonderful (2017)

Morgantown Diversity (2017)

WVU Women’s Health (2017)

Your response will focus on the blogs (one from the first group and two others) and what they did. What are they about? Is there a clear focus? What are some of their strongest posts? Weakest? (yes, you have to pick one – be constructive) Finally, and most importantly, what would you have done differently, and how does that influence your own group blog plans? Your response is due as a comment to this post by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, September 16.

16 Responses to Read & Respond week 6: Group Blogs Past

  1. omvanhorn says:

    1. Morgantown Problems

    This blog from a group of students in 2013 is about the various issues facing Morgantown residents on a daily basis. Each separate post relates really well back to the main purpose of the blog, which is to curate conversation about the most recent problems facing Morgantown and its residents. The posts all follow a central theme, which makes it easy for readers to latch on to their blog and follow along. That being said, I found some issues with the construction of the posts. More than half of the posts that I scrolled through began with “so”. That’s an okay way to start a post once or twice, but over and over can lose readers. When I read the word “so” at the beginning of the post, I think that there’s something here that I’m missing or something that I didn’t read. While their strongest post (and most interesting to me) is the one about the downtown Panera because it is about an extremely relevant issue at the time, I also see it as their weakest because it is heavily opinionated. I was under the impression that these blogs were not supposed to include opinions because “nobody cares,” and I came across these bloggers’ opinions in the very first paragraph of this post.

    2. Mountaineats

    I was attracted to click on this blog because of the name. Anything that has to do with eating and food will no doubt attract my attention, and this blog from 2011 is exactly what the name suggests. It’s all about the best restaurants in and around Morgantown. The focus is on the best places to grab a bite to eat, as well as why they deserve the reader’s business. This seems to be a bit opinionated to me also, but it’s hard to write about favorites restaurants without a little bit of opinion sneaking into the post. I think that one of the strongest posts on here is the post about Pizza Al’s. It begins with a great attention-grabber, referring to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their idea of good pizza. As a reader, this draws you in, making you intrigued to see how this reference ties to the rest of the post. On the other hand, one of the weaker posts to me is the one about a home-cooked meal. While I liked the idea of incorporating a video to break up some of the writing, I think it needed some context to go along with the video. Some text along with the video, rather than just the video, would have propelled the post a little more.

    3. Humans of Morgantown

    Humans of Morgantown is a very interesting blog that is similar to the popular Humans of New York blog and social media pages. I love this concept because I think it’s interesting to showcase random people on the street, simply living their lives. The first thing that stuck out to me on this blog was their layout. I liked how I could see the different people who were showcased on the blog and with a simple click on their picture, I could easily read about any one of them. In all honesty, I think that the majority of their posts are very strong. One of the best was the post about Rabbi Joseph Hample. I think that he’s a very interesting person to showcase, and the person who wrote his feature did a good job of exemplifying his character and showcasing who he is and what he stands for. One of the weaknesses of this blog is that they didn’t do a great job of showcasing a wide variety of people. About 75% of their subjects are either WVU students or recent WVU graduates. Having posts be primarily about WVU students doesn’t really showcase “Humans of Morgantown.” While I understand that it’s sometimes hard find people to showcase for things like this, it would have been better if they’d gone a little outside their comfort zone and showcased more people in Morgantown who aren’t necessarily associated with WVU.

    While reading through these blogs, one of the main things that I noticed I would do differently is to ensure that each writer takes credit for their posts on the blog. Since it is a group blog, it’s hard to tell who is writing what. When the writer refers to himself or herself within the blog post, most of the time readers have no idea who they are talking about. Another thing to keep in mind for my own group blog is to choose an expansive topic that everyone in the group can relate to. It’s hard for every writer to contribute to a group blog if he or she has no interest in or relevance to the subject. In some of the blogs that I scanned over today it was evident when some writers were more interested in the topic than others.

  2. ahost97 says:

    The Morgantown Nightlife blog from 2016 was very informative. One of the main blog post that I looked at was “Is the Nations Largest College Festival the Safest. This post goes through the whole entire festival showing videos and talking about the new security measures to reduce the security risks. By giving wristbands to people who are or over the age of 21. But the problem is they only have male security guards who cannot pat down the females who may or may not be bringing in alcohol. Additionally, they also do not go into the crowds to check for underage drinking.

    The second blog I looked at was the Morgantown Man Cave from 2013. And the post I primarily focused on was the one about the PRT facts and how the facts are somewhat surprising about the system. One fact that they posted about is that Richard Nixon used it as a campaign tool at the time. Hurrying the completion of the PRT system. Another fact I say amazing is the amount of success the university claims that the PRT holds. Over 95% is not the right number in my mind. This assignment helped me come up with ideas on what I may want to include in my group’s blog.

  3. ericaryoung says:

    1. Morgantown Problems-This blog was raising awareness about issues specific to the Morgantown area. I like this idea as a whole, especially because the group included problems that didn’t only involve WVU students like homelessness and safety in high schools. However, they did include WVU specific stories too, which are more likely to appeal to readers . My favorite posts are the ones about parking in Morgantown and Black Friday. If anything, I would have made the writing slightly more conversational.

    2. Mountaineats-The idea for this blog is something that appeals to almost everyone-food. This is my favorite blog I read today because it was easy to read and gave helpful information to anyone looking for a new place to eat in town. I appreciate how this group covered several different types of restaurants and gave their honest opinions on the food and atmospheres. I would love to see an updated version of this blog featuring newer Morgantown restaurants.

    3. Mountaineer Munchies-I wanted to read another food-focused blog to compare to Mountaineats. While they were not exactly the same, they both focused on local food. I like the first post on this blog talking about pepperoni rolls and and WV hot dogs because all West Virginians immediately recognize them as staples and out of state visitors may be interested in learning more about the local food.

  4. katieforcade says:

    I first looked through the Morgantown Nightlife blog and was pleasantly surprised with how well they pulled this blog off. The name of the blog holds true to what the blog is about. It’s a very clear focus, but it raises a lot of questions when you first hear the name of this blog. I really liked going through it, because they wrote about a lot of unique, diverse aspects. The last post they did was all the analytics on how a party school is ranked by different media companies, and it’s very cool to see the breakdown on how this is all determined. I think this is a blog that I’d struggle writing continuously, just because you have to stretch a lot of topics that might lose readers interest or even lose the original topic of the blog. I can see they really stretched ideas to make this blog work. They got very lucky because they made it a great blog, it just is a topic that would be very controversial and very hard to continuously stick with.

    The next blog I looked through was Mountaineer Munchies. I love trying new foods and places to eat in Morgantown, so of course this blog really interested me. I think they did a good job of trying to engage all kinds of food interests as well as trying to establish this traditional sense of what Morgantown offers food-wise. I really liked some of their posts, especially reading anything they did about tailgating. That was something food-wise that I overlooked, but it makes complete and total sense to write about that. They used a good variety of pictures and tweets, especially, to really help out their posts. I’m definitely going to continue keeping things visual on my blog because they’re doing well with what they did visually.

    WVU Women’s Health was the third blog I read. It didn’t come off too captivating when I first started reading. It was interesting material that they were reporting about and on, I just didn’t find there to be much to the blog that really kept the audience wanting to read. I think they had a really smart idea and concept for a blog, because I definitely hadn’t read much like it before and it’s interesting to anyone who’s a woman. But I think they could have done a little more to engage people visually.

  5. 1) Morgantown Problems
    This blog highlights issues from drinking and driving to homelessness. These might be topics that you’ve talked about with your friends together, but seeing these topics discussed in a blog brings awareness to these issues. One important blog post was, “Five Reasons Why You Should Hate the New Panera On High Street.” This post has a clear focus on naming five main points to why the ‘new’ Panera really isn’t benefiting the community. Fast forward to 2018, in the Morgantown that we live in and we know the Panera on High Street is still standing and still in business. But, the points made in the blog post are still relevant today. The strongest part of this post the organization of the blog. They took five main reasons and stuck with those. They included links and other blogs with those paragraphs. The weakest point is using the word ‘hate’ in the title. Hate is a strong word and using a word such as ‘boycott’ or ‘not support’ would give people a more open mind and reason to read the article. I would add a paragraph about the negative economic factor that the restaurant has on High Street.

    2) Mountaineers Connect
    From the title you see the word ‘connect.’ The focus of this blog is informing the reader on ways to connect with the ‘community’ of Morgantown. The blog has posts about events. From adopting pets at the Monongalia Canine Adoption Center to WVU Earth Week 2012, it is a way to show that there are areas that anyone can be involved in. The strongest points would be that the blog posts were current and talked about events that were happening that year. The weakest points would be how short the blog posts were as well as content of the blogs. I’ve heard about iServe and Relay for Life since I was a freshman. As a senior, I don’t really want to continue reading about the same information that I’ve heard for the past three years. I would have researched topics that you won’t just read about in the newspaper. For example, I never knew about Chocolate Lover’s Day or Earth Week at WVU. Stories like that generate new content for readers and keep them engaged.

    3) Morgantown Underground
    This blog focuses on the unseen scenes of Morgantown and they even list five of the subcultures of Morgantown. The blog posts included; dining, a tattoo artist, and hippie culture. I think the strongest posts were the ‘LGBTQ Gender Inclusive Housing: True Colors’ and ‘By Day, By Night: An Inside Look into the Drag Community.’ The LGBTQ post included charts, links, photographs and content that helped make the blog post a good story. The drag community post included interviewing drag queens as well as photographs, and content to support the post and give it more depth. My blog is about diversity and makeup and how inclusive brands are, so these posts really stuck out to me. I think the strongest part of these posts were how much content was in the posts. They were lengthy but had information to inform the reader about events and the community. The weakest point might be the amount of food blog posts, but other than that this blog has a good amount of diversity and community. The only thing I would do different is change the theme for the blog. There was a lot of scrolling because there is so much content. Reorganizing the blog page would help guide the reader to certain posts.

  6. ABlogByBrie says:

    1.Morgantown Problems: Morgantown Problems is incredibly engaging and produced content that is relevant not only to a specific community, but has a sharp focus. I found that in viewing a number of the post, the central theme is the idea of updating the public on current issues in Morgantown and often update the content as new information comes in. It is timely and interactive, having a thread of comments on each post, and could still be going on today if they wanted to do so. It’s also snarky in many senses, and rather controversial. The piece on the DA being rather exclusive with their ‘influential people’ piece. One issue I had with one of the pieces was the piece on the Cupcakerie. It seems sort of as though they ran out of things to write about, and so they wrote a fluff piece on a local restaurant, I don’t see what makes it a problem.
    2.The Eclectic: This Blog sort of irks me in an aesthetic sense. I think the concept of having different perspectives talking about certain issues is nice, but there isn’t really a central focus on the blog. Yes, it’s about Morgantown, sort of, but it seems like it has a harder time deciding whether or not it is local or global. The range of content goes from political happenings to the environment and I have a hard time narrowing in on what to read. The death of Bin Laden was good, it ties all of the aspects of small-town people reacting to global issues, which is nice, but it could incorporate WVU voices.
    3.Morgantown Underground: This one has a very interesting premise. Again, I have an issue with the aesthetic appeal of this blog, it’s sort of hard to navigate the page and to find content, I would prefer if it was more of an organized layout, maybe organize them based on their top five premises. I like the idea of engaging the public about diversity (LGBTQ+, international, culture, etc.) I enjoyed most of the posts, though it took me a while to sort through most of them, but I did notice that food was a heavy theme, and it sort of outweighed the other themes. It would’ve been nice to see some more posts about arts and music as well, perhaps they are there, just buried deep in the blog.

  7. Dan Walsh says:

    I chose the Morgantown nightlife blog because it seemed really neat and interesting. I liked how the about page pretty much cleared what it is about. Morgantown is an interesting, unique and vibrant place, especially after dark so this concept really caught my eye. As a senior who has gone here for four years I have gotten accustomed to the Morgantown nightlife. I thought it was very interesting how everyone had their own niche of nightlife to write about so each story would be different but under the same roof. I think that this page had an incredibly strong focus and appealed greatly to someone like me who lives through what they are talking about. I thought one of the strongest posts was by Rebecca Toro, she wrote about how she was going to the Numbers fest festival in Ohio and how they are trying to make it safer. I really like this article because of how it was set up. There was a question in bold and then a clear answer, it is clear Ms. Toro took her time and did well on this. I think the weakest post was the one about how WVU is a top rated party school. To me it was just boring and cliché. Like we all get this is a party school I just thought that that post in particular was repetitive. But then again for freshmen it might be pretty interesting.
    The next blog I checked out was a hitchhikers guide to Morgantown because, duh, the title of the blog. I love the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy so that’s all it took to ring me in. As I got to explore the blog I realized that it was really cool. All of the bloggers brought their own voice and beat to this page so I think that makes it more interesting and exciting to read. I like how there were many different topics about things you can do outside of the monotonous college life. It had a theatre page, sports page and even a volunteering page. I love the broad array they offer. This would be a great guide for college students looking for something to do and I think it was an incredible idea to have this be a group blog. I really enjoyed the post in the music section about all the places to see live music in Morgantown, I love live shows and I didn’t know of half of these places so I can’t wait to test them out. I really liked how they put in an interactive map so that we can find exactly where they are. I straight up didn’t like the post that basically makes fun of me for not exercising. Okay so it was about taking a break from exercising on spring break but I don’t exercise all the time and how dare a blog come at me like this. I go to spring break to be completely irresponsible I don’t want to read a post about how I’m a bad person for it.
    The last blog I checked out was Morgantown diversity. I thought this was an interesting group blog that was done. Morgantown is an incredibly diverse place and I think this whole blog defines and shows that nicely. One of the posts I thought was strong was called ‘the dangers of assimilation’ I thought this was a very interesting and important post. Many people scoff off mental health issues in college because everyone is going through it and it’s ‘just part of the experience’ but mental health is no joke and should always be taken seriously. That is why I enjoyed this post because it touched on something many people think isn’t a big deal. The one blog post from this I didn’t like was the one about what it’s like to date an international student. I thought it was corny but above all just not really reliable? I’m sure you can’t just clump all international student in some group together and say this is what it’s like to date them.

  8. Patrick Kotnik says:

    1.) Morgantown Problems

    This blog focuses on daily problems and issues that pertain to Morgantown residents. Overall, these students do a solid job of covering a variety of topics that stick to the main idea and concept of their blog. This blog also uses a variety of multimedia in blog posts such as links, videos and tweets. I like how the students that worked on this blog incorporated video packages on some of their posts such as the post featuring the High Street hot dog man. This gives readers a more up-close look at the issue as well as a different perspective. My favorite post I saw from this blog was the first part of a series featuring Gordon Gee, who was the interim president back in 2013 when this post was published. Like all of their posts and especially this one, it provides great detail and context as well as relevant links to other stories and details, but the biggest weakness I saw in this one as well as others such as, “Why small business Saturday is stupid,” is that some of these posts are too opinionated and lack more than one perspective. I understand that blogs are mostly opinionated, but at times, this blog doesn’t allow the audience to see a particular subject from different perspectives. It’s very informational, but for example, on the Gordon Gee series, the post mainly focuses on the negatives of Gee’s career such as controversial comments made towards Notre Dame and his spending habits. The one thing I would change is making the writing more conversational and include more than one perspective.

    2.) Mountaineer Munchies

    This blog centers around local food and restaurant options throughout Morgantown. As far as content goes, this group does an exceptional job of finding specific subjects to write about such as common food found at WVU football tailgates, local hot dog places and late night food options throughout Morgantown. This blog incorporates appropriate links in its posts as well as pictures, tweets and pictures of text messages to capture the views of students on particular food subjects in Morgantown. I would say that’s the blog’s greatest strength. The only weakness and thing I would change about this blog would be to include more pictures of the food when they mention restaurants and/or other food subjects. I understand that it may be difficult to find pictures of particular local foods, but chances are when you have a blog about food, your audience will want to see what some foods look like to get a better idea of what to expect from certain restaurants.

    3.) Wild But Not So Wonderful

    The last blog I looked at was, “Wild But Not So Wonderful.” This blog focused on the environmental problems surrounding the state of West Virginia and possible solutions. I thought this was a very interesting subject for a blog and the posts on this blog covered a a variety of subjects such as climate change, pollution, hunting season and much more. Overall, I was impressed with these content ideas and found out more information on wildlife and other environmental issues throughout West Virginia. This blog also incorporated credible media sources, but I was most impressed with this group’s ability to post several maps and graphs as media sources to back up claims and information. There isn’t much, if not, anything I would change regarding this blog.

  9. 1. Morgantown Problems
    This blog focuses on issues in Morgantown, WV at the time and how residents and city officials are finding solutions to the issues which gives the blog a pretty clear focus. I think one of the strongest posts for this blog was “Fine Reasons Why You Should Hate Panera On High Street” mostly because it got the most attention from others but also because it does a good job of incorporating links to back up what they’re saying. I think one of the weaker posts is “Why Small Business Saturday is Stupid” because I think compared to their other blog posts, there’s not much to this one. I think maybe they could’ve actually focused on small businesses in Morgantown instead of saying why they thought it’s stupid. Overall, I think this was a pretty good blog and I don’t think there was much else I would do differently. I think this was a good example of a group blog to look at to kind of get an idea as to what people like to read and what I could possibly incorporate into the blog posts. I think this was a pretty strong topic to write about.

    2. A ‘J’ in the Life
    This blog is dedicated to finding connections between college journalism at WVU and throughout the country. It focuses on discovering what college journalists are looking at all over the country, and what WVU’s journalism program contributes to the media atmosphere. The focus of this blog kind of confused me a little bit because I understood what they meant in their about us section, but not all of the blog posts necessarily portrayed that. I felt that one of their stronger posts was “Making connections as a student journalist…” because I think this follows the focus nicely and the author did a good job of explaining his story. I liked that post a lot because I felt like it was a little more personal and easier to relate to. I think one of the weaker posts was “New and Improved for TV” because it did a lot of explaining but didn’t really give any visuals or provide many hyperlinks. I think they could’ve expanded on the story a little more. Overall, I think I might’ve maybe tried to change the focus to something a little different to better suit the articles or vice versa. I maybe would’ve maybe interviewed a lot of people in the journalism world to find out about their connections/how they got to where they are now. Again, I think this influences my own group blog plans because it kind of gives me an idea as to what to make sure to incorporate so readers will enjoy the blog.

    3. Mountaineats
    This blog features restaurants and bar news/reviews in the Morgantown area from students which gives readers a pretty clear idea as to what it’s about. I think one of the weaker posts is “Kicking Off College Eats Week”. I think it’s kind of a repeat to the other posts just not as in depth. Even though this seems more like an introductory post, I feel like maybe they should of just listed a couple places instead of talking about them since they talk about Pizza Al’s and Casa more in depth in other posts. I think one of their stronger posts was “Jazz loves Pizza: Shift Ace” because this post gives a ton of visuals and I felt like the review was really honest, but it also gave a lot of information about the business which I liked. I think one thing I would’ve done different is I would’ve interviewed some customers and also the workers/the owner if possible which again is another thing that gives me an idea as to what to make sure to incorporate for the group blog.

  10. Within the Morgantown Nightlife group blog, they decided to write about how the top party schools, the dangers of festivals that are held at the party schools, how students celebrate and even some apps that could be interesting for the students. They touched on all the topics that students would enjoy and should actually become more aware of. The clear focus is to make students want to read their blog and find out more information on subjects they already know. The strongest post would be the post Carly Magnott about She provided a lot of information while also keeping an active and fun voice throughout. She spoke in a way the audience could understand while also being intrigued with what she was saying. The weakest would be the WVU Graduation Celebration by Haley. She didn’t have barely any facts or quotes. The quotes were weak also only saying where they would go. What I would do differently would be to focus more on the statistics and quotes rather than their personal opinion.
    One of the previous blogs I chose was the Morgantown Munchies. They wrote about all the food glory that WV has. It was a very clear focus for the students of Morgantown. Some of their strongest posts were the Football feast, providing pictures so the audience could see it firsthand. The West Virginia and their Hot Dogs because it had a lot of humor within the media that was placed. The weakest would be the What is Morgantown Missing only because it was more about finding out what the students want instead of news that is already happening. Something I would do differently would be providing more facts than opinions because group blogs should be less biased and show more statistics.
    The other blog I chose was the Conserve the Wild and Wonderful. They mostly focused on the environment and who/what effects it. It had a clear focus focusing on the clean and green for students become more aware of who cares and why they should. The strongest post was the Keeping West Virginia Clean and Green. She provided a lot of facts and definitions making the audience aware of what she is talking about. The weakest would be the Celebrate WVU this Earth day only because it was more opinion again. Overall the layout and tweets were very resourceful but, the article didn’t really go with the focus. It talked about a day that everyone celebrated rather than WV itself. I plan to make my group blog to match the audience while also sharing the same subjects with the other writers. I want to make sure we are on the same page so the audience can follow better along.

  11. Alex Balog says:

    Morgantown Problems is a great blog mainly due to the fact that it’s all relevant. The blog posts were from 2013, outdated now, but were current news at the time. Because it is WVU and Morgantown related that is its first eye catcher. That alone will draw in readers. The writer also was not afraid to include facts in his posts. The one that stood out to me was that during his time at Ohio State, Gee spent $64,000 on bowties. This was her strongest post. Incorporating statistics into my posts are something I can improve on. The one thing I think the writer could have done better was incorporate social media into his posts more. Especially in the Homelessness in Morgantown post. The blog itself was good but if some tweets or Facebook posts from residents about the homelessness issue were included it would have allowed the viewer to see what others are thinking about the subject. I personally feel that social media is a great way to grab readers attention.

    In the Mountaineats blog, the first post that grabs my attention is the Totally Tubular Pizza Als. The title is a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is very attention-grabbing. Attention grabbing titles are something that I need to improve on myself. The casual way the post is written is something I should incorporate into my blog as well. I am having somewhat of a tough time writing blog posts instead of articles. This Pizza Als post I think is his best one. I believe his weakest post was the “What’s the Wordle?” post. This is because it is very short and not very entertaining. I personally don’t care what words he used the most.

    A Gentleman’s Guide to Morgantown’s strongest post is the “Morgantown: A Drinking Town that might have a Drinking Problem” for one simple reason. He surveyed 65 students for this post (at least he claims he did). This is the first blog that I have seen so far in which the writer actually went out and got the information first hand. The post itself isn’t that well written but the like I said, the survey stands out to me. I believe his weakest post is “Graduation: What is next?”. It felt like it wasn’t completed and that there was much more to the post than the usual “Places you want to visit one last time, people to say goodbye too, all of the things you won’t be able to do everyday as you once did.” I understand why he linked the WVU Career Services in the post but it feels like its there just so there is a link in the post. What I learned from this blog is to make sure my posts are always full of rich information.

  12. 1. Morgantown Problems: When I first clicked on this, I was expecting more of university centered issues, just because that is easy for students to write about since it directly affects them. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it did a lot more than cover just university problems. I really like how it touched on the town, the high school, and things of that such. I read through a lot of the posts, but stopped to look at the comments of the Panera one. I didn’t realize that adding a chain restaurant would cause such a stir up. There were a lot of aggressive people in the comments coming at the author for just posting about his opinion. My favorite blog post I think was the Why Small Business Saturday Is Stupid article. The title really caught me off guard. I was surprised to see that the author was really promoting small businesses. A good title can really grab your attention. I did have an issue about about this blog though. The blog itself is titled “Morgantown Problems”, and while most of their posts do cover problems and important issues, there are some that are just sprinkled in there that have nothing to do with any sort of problem. For example, Black Friday Cheat Sheet: Morgantown and Beyond, Living In Morgantown: Post Graduation, and Morgantown’s Best Neighborhood For Trick or Treating. I can kind of see where they were trying to go with these posts and how they could maybe be a problem, but these really aren’t issues and don’t fit in with the theme of the blog.
    2. Morgantown Underground: Not being from Morgantown or West Virginia, I am always learning about what the town has to offer. I’m all about finding out interesting things that maybe everyone wouldn’t know about. That’s what pulled me into this blog when I decided to click it. This blog had posts on things from local artist profiles, different places you could catch a music show, profiles on underground, local musicians, and hidden gems of Morgantown. I thought this blog was really interesting. Sometimes I think, there’s isn’t much to do here besides going out, but I was quickly reminded after reading this blog that there are so many cool things that you are able to find right here in the heart of Morgantown, you just have to search for them.
    3. Mountaineer Munchies: I honestly clicked on this link because I was kind of hungry while I was reading these blogs and my first thought was food. But, besides that, I really like reading about different local restaurants and foods. The first article was about tailgating food and that is one of my favorite things to read about. One of the twitter accounts that I follow, covers WVU sports and every week during football season they always have a post about what things you should be making for your tailgate that game. Maybe it’s because my family goes all out (like my uncle made lobster and fillet mignon at a Jets game) when it comes to tailgating that made me so interested in this topic, but I was really excited to see that on there. I’m always interested in finding new places to eat around here, since I find myself eating at the same places all the time. I also really enjoyed how the blog focused on eating habits of people (like the hockey team). It’s different, but still about food.

  13. teadinapoli says:

    1)The first blog I chose was Morgantown Nightlife blog from 2016. I like the creativity Zaakira had with all the posts. Although Morgantown nightlife is fun, Zaakira talks about things like How top party schools are chosen and more serious ones about the dangers students face with rushing fraternities. Every title by the blog made you want to read the articles. Even by just looking at the pictures added to the posts, it made them more grasping . Overall I enjoyed this idea of a blog, I thought it would be more vague but Zaakira got really creative with the posts for the topic and very interesting. Overall this blog was very clear on their focus, I would not say there was any weak points in the blog but If I had to chose I would say the Vice Versa one only because the title was long and made me not want to read it. This helps me with my next blog posts a lot because it makes me want to think about more posts that would be interesting to my readers and not just topics I think are interesting to write about.

    2) The blog called Wild But Not so Wonderful really struck my eye. Everyone knows the sentence “Wild and Wonderful” from the state sign as you enter WV. So I knew that this blog was going to talk a lot about whats going wrong in WV. I thought this blog was very informative, I enjoyed reading Mikes post on the air pollution in WV, climate change, and water problems. Not all WVU students are informed on the problems WV natives ensure everyday so this blog did a great job of education students on current issues. The post I would choose as the weakest would be the last one, about the pipeline project in WV. I just thought this to be the weakest because this topic is not interesting to me and only applies to WV residents. Although it is informing, it only relates to local residents and not so much students like me. This blog makes me think about including some informative/educative pieces to my blog.

    3) Last blog I chose was Mountaineer Munchies. At first I thought maybe it had to do with something involving cannabis but it was really just all about food you can find in Morgantown/around WV. I am a huge foodie so this blog excited me and made me want to explore why West Virginian’s really loved their hotdogs and the best late night places to eat in Morgantown. I also love how they got creative, talking about what local singers in the area eat and international foods. If I had to pick a weaker article I would say the D1 hockey article because it does not talk about food in the title so it just makes it seem like the post is only about hockey. Just by reading the title, I became less interested and did not know how it followed with the theme of the blog. This has helped be think about the wording of my titles and really making them follow my blog so it does not confuse readers.

  14. AJ Barnes says:

    1. Morgantown Night Life- When I saw the name of the blog, I thought it would mostly be about drinking and the bars on High Street, but it encompassed a greater aspect of night life. They covered a lot of diverse topics; from drag, to 4/20, I think they took on some uncomfortable subjects and made them interesting. I easily read through most of their posts and thought that by establishing a ‘question-answer’ platform was clever. Whoever ran this blog really knew how to search for a story and bring in relevant media! The only bad aspect of this would be that for me, it would be hard to stretch this into a semester long blog; it would take the right person to make it happen.

    2. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Morgantown- As soon as I read the first post and then looked back at the title, I was super confused on what I was supposed to be reading. The title is ambiguous and the posts had too much variety; there needed to be a more narrow theme. There were the ‘Theater & Art Challenge’ the ‘Rec Center Challenge,’ some post on Japan and another post talking about ‘Final Relief Tips.’ It was all over the place. To me, this was the weakest of the three blogs because there wasn’t enough media present (videos, photos, etc.) and too much ambiguity. The blog heavily depended on visitor interaction and participation and it just didn’t do it for me. As a blogger, you can’t expect your audience to want to be involved in EVERYTHING; there was too much going on for my taste.

    3. Wild But Not So Wonderful- This was dedicated to drawing attention to certain landmarks of West Virginia and the environmental issues of the state, and it did just that. I thought it had good use of graphics, especially in the ‘Chronic Wasting Disease’ post because we were able to visualize the problems (in that case with the emaciated deer and the graphs). Their best piece was ‘Stay the Frack Out of Our Water’ because to me, this stays relevant considering there were water issues in Charleston last year. There were some times when their posts got a little lengthy, and I think by trimming out some unimportant information they could have prevented this. Overall, it was a pretty good blog and had a decent ascetic to it, though it could have been improved a bit.

  15. 1. Morgantown Problems is a blog dedicated to critiquing the *relatively small* issues in Morgantown. Most of the posts focus on social issues the residents of Morgantown face (DA’s list of influential people), detailed analysis of Morgantown’s influential people (President Gee), and programs that aim to reduce an issue commonly found in Morgantown (WVU Rack). Most of the posts have an opinionated tone. This blog uses pictures and video footage of actual Morgantown residents well. Personally, I think this blog uses bulleted lists too often. In most cases, the abundance of lists draw my eyes away from the paragraphs that give context; however, the WVU Rack story including a list of items to donate was useful. The students did well in exploring Morgantown and having a narrow focus for their blog.

    2. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Morgantown is a blog focused on the extracurricular programs in Morgantown. It covers everything from theatre to “Finals Relief Tips”. The blog does what its name intends for it to do, which is give the readers a handbook of things they might need while in Morgantown. One issue I had with the blog is that it covers too many topics. This makes it hard for me to say what the blog’s focus is on. On a weekly basis, it shifts from providing students with useful tips to talking about art exhibitions. It also lacks a coherent design theme.

    3. Morgantown Man Cave is a blog that covers topics that fall under masculine stereotypes. The authors obviously knew what audience they wanted to acquire, with posts using words like “outdoors”, “partying”, and “feast” to attract male readers. I thought the topics they covered were interesting (as I never knew retailers could be *Male-approved*). I thought this blog was humorous and interesting throughout. The biggest issues I have with this blog are that you must click the “continue reading” button before seeing any graphics or other “eye catchers” and the audience they were trying to attract is too narrow. I’m a guy and I wasn’t interested in most of the topics they covered. Lastly, “WVU’s Manliest Classes pt.1” lacked a pt. 2, which frustrates me.

  16. […] determine group assignments, which we’ll finalize in class. Use the group blogs you reviewed in this week’s read & respond to identify ideas you think will work (and those you think NEED […]

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