Assignment #4: Explain It!

Now that you know how to write an explainer, you’re going to make one of your own. This has a specific due date (included at the end of this assignment), so make sure you’re following directions. Using the posted guidelines, you’ll do the following:

  • Identify a subject in your area that requires explaining (again, see our own explainer for details on this)
  • Thursday, Jan. 31: Bring a subject with 10 links (mostly informational but media will help) that explain the story – UPDATE: There’s no class today, so you’re on the honor system!
  • Tuesday, Feb. 5: Bring (printed) an annotated subject and link list (sentence for each explaining relevance) to class. Ten links are the minimum! (5 pts)
  • Thursday, Feb. 7 (any time between 10a and 4p): Publish your explainer and post a link as a comment to this assignment. Remember again that a minimum of 10 meaningful links is required! (5 pts for use of supporting links and for posting link in comment)

Note that this counts as your weekly personal blog post. You’ll be graded on the usual 5 pts for quality of the post; the 10 assignment points come from your annotated list and the quality of the supporting links you provide.

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