Read & Respond week 15 (prelims): The Bloggie Awards ballot

It’s almost time for this semester’s social media awards, affectionately referred to by no one as The Bloggies! Right now, this post is a placeholder. After Friday, I will add in the links you provide me below. In class today, please provide the following in a comment on this post:

  1. Your two best PERSONAL blog posts (need these from everyone)
  2. Your GROUP’s three best posts (decide on these as a group and have one member include them in his/her comment

Post these links in a comment below. Please include a headline for each, and make sure the links work! Once I have them from everyone, I’ll compile them into a post and provide you an online survey to complete for next week.

22 Responses to Read & Respond week 15 (prelims): The Bloggie Awards ballot

  1. lyndseymoran says:

    IMO, my strongest posts from my personal blog:
    1. WV Education: The Failing Status Quo

    2. Campus Carry: Do Student Opinions Matter?

  2. shananelson says:

    Personal Posts:

    Here’s Why Shrill is Revolutionary: Changing the Narrative for Body Positivity in Media

    Why Women Weren’t Nominated for Best Director At The Oscars This Year

    Group Posts: Almost Heaven, Almost Green

    The Now Extinct Bramble Cay Melomy: A Lesson for West Virginia

    Morgantown’s Ducks are NOT all in a Row

    Humans and Sea Turtles Living in Harmony: Is This the Last Straw?

  3. Brianna Herscher says: Is one of my best posts because of the multiple sourcing and images. I liked this because it was timely and relevant. I also felt like it connected back to WVU which is the key theme of my blog connecting minority issues back to WVU.

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