Assignment #1a: Getting Started

August 21, 2019

From the list of concepts we came up with in class today, narrow down to TWO that you think are strong. For each, list five specific, timely posts (that’s 10 in all) that you think you could write.

A few ground rules. Your blog must have a clear MEDIA focus that goes beyond your own opinions – it can’t just be a diary or your movie reviews. To that end, some restrictions:

  • No diaries
  • No cat/dog/cute animal pictures
  • No recipes (yes, I’ve gotten this)
  • No sports, entertainment, fashion/health advice, tips, recommendations, recaps or reviews. You CAN use these subjects if your focus is clearly on their media angle – for example, if you covered issues in sports journalism – but your opinions on the Dallas Cowboys are not relevant here.
  • Seriously, no advice. Ever.
  • No pink dragons

Post your list as a comment to THIS post by 5p Friday, Aug. 23. This part of Assignment 1 is worth 5 points.

Welcome to #WVUblogJ for Fall 2019

August 21, 2019

Hello, future bloggers, and welcome to the fall 2019 semester of JRL 430: Social Media Journalism. This blog serves as the mothership for your work in this class: It will link to your personal and group blogs, detail your assignments, provide your online readings, and promote your fine work. There’s even a syllabus and schedule in the links at the top.

Check this blog regularly for the most up-to-date information on our class (those tabs at the top will provide syllabus, schedule, and other information). If you’re not sure when something’s due, come here first! I’ll be posting your first assignment (for next week!) soon, so check back. Your first read and respond will be posted as well (every Thursday; due Monday night). Get ready, come up with some good ideas, follow me at @thebobthe on Twitter so I can follow you (and get that account created, Twitter holdouts), start using our #WVUblogJ hashtag, and let’s get started!