Group Blog Project

This page is an index of links and deadlines to the various posts of the group blog project (it’s a lot easier than having to scroll through to find them). I’ll update it as new assignments are posted. Use it to make sure you’re on track!

Weekly deadlines:

  • Weekly posts (one for each member) must be posted between 10a and 4p Monday-Thursday (include Friday for five-person groups)
  • Weekly budgets (one for each group) must be emailed to me by noon every Saturday beginning March 23
  • Weekly memos (one for each member) must be emailed to me by noon every Sunday beginning March 31

Weekly points:

  • Weekly post: 10 points
  • Weekly admin: 10 points
    • Budget material (two weeks of items with specific details, multiple concrete sources, longer-term prospects and promotion efforts) [4 points]
    • Personal memo
      • Details of the previous week’s work (with a link to your post); honest assessment of your grade and group’s grade for the week with a percentage [2 points]
      • At least five comments (provide links) to classmates’ posts [2 points]
    • Extra material (work that goes beyond the basic expectations above, e.g., setting up the site, maintaining the social media accounts, organizing the budget, assisting with others’ work, creating audio/video/graphics/etc – note this in your personal memo) [2 points]
  • TOTAL: 20 points/week (100 points total)

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